Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 LC Column from Thermo Scientific

The Acclaim® Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 column utilizes a unique silica-based, mixed-mode stationary phase that combines both reversed-phase (RP) and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) properties. The column functional group features a hydrophobic alkyl chain and hydrophilic diol functionality. This combination allows both hydrophobic interaction and hydrophilic interaction to be utilized to optimize separations.

  • Operates in both RP and HILIC modes
  • Retains highly polar molecules
  • Unique selectivity complementary to RP columns
  • Superior performance compared to conventional diol-based columns
  • High efficiency column for high resolution separations

The Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 columns consist of 5 μm high-purity, porous, spherical silica with 120 Å-diameter pores bonded with proprietry functional groups, which provide unsurpassed resolution and peak symmetry for a variety of polar and nonpolar molecules.