Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus Mass spectrometer is the ultimate screening machine for confident identification and quantification of compounds in complex samples.

This benchtop LC-MS system delivers high resolution, accurate mass data and fast scanning capabilities to increase both confidence and throughput. The Exactive Plus Mass Spectrometer is an easy-to-use benchtop system combining premium performance with a simple, intuitive interface in an LC-MS system that is smaller, faster and affordable for virtually any lab.

Quick, High-Confidence Results

  • HRAM and full-scan capabilities capture all sample data, all the time, enabling retrospective data analysis without the need to repeat experiments.
  • Resolving power up to 140,000 FWHM eliminates isobaric interferences, increasing confidence in results when analyzing samples in complex matrices.
  • Better than 1ppm mass accuracy in full and AIF scan modes ensures confident compound identification.
  • Fast scanning at 12Hz, suitable for UHPLC applications.
  • Rapid polarity switching maximizes information obtained.
  • AIF and multiple dissociation techniques, including in-source CID and HCD, aid in compound identification.
  • Extended mass range to 6,000m/z enhances detection of singly charged small molecules and biomolecules.
  • More than four orders of magnitude intrascan dynamic range and femtogram-level sensitivity enable detection of trace-level and high-abundance compounds in the same scan.


  • HRAM and full-scan capabilities simplify MS method development.
  • Intuitive operating software reduces learning curve.
  • Compatibility with Thermo Scientific™ LCQUAN™, Mass Frontier™, and TraceFinder™ software speeds data analysis.

Upgradeable to Q Exactive

  • The Exactive Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer can be upgraded on-site to the Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer with the addition of a high-performance quadruple for precursor ion selection.