The foundation of the Aeris Performance is our successful Ibex foot. The Aeris Performance adds Compliant Composite Technology (CCT) that is derived by using multiple springs to increase the range of flexibility. The result is a unique Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon design composed of nested parallel springs that enable the foot to react in a compliant manner at heel strike and then work together to create a dynamic transition from push-off to toe release. The AER pylon takes advantage of independent spring action to provide smooth, stable progression while increasing the axial rotation which minimizes the forces transmitted to the residual limb.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative Micro-Slice pylon for multi-axial function
  • Compliant Composite Technology (CCT)
  • Advanced Energy Release (AER) pylon
  • Enhanced plantarflexion for stability at heel strike
  • Improved axial rotation
  • Durable; meets ISO-22675 standard