The Raize is a unique microprocessor ankle/foot system in a low profile, lightweight design. Its plantar/dorsi-flexion range reduces damaging forces on the residual limb and greatly enhances stability on slopes and slippery surfaces. By simply pressing a button the wearer can control rollover resistance, lock or unlock the ankle, and adjust the heel height as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Microprocessor controlled hydraulic ankle/composite foot system
  • Adjustable heel height and lock via control pod or remote fob
  • Adjustable plantar/dorsiflexion range and resistance via control pod or remote fob
  • Terrain accommodation mode aids gait on inclines and declines
  • Simulates natural ankle movement and reduces shock
  • Remote ankle lock for driving and donning shoes and socks
  • Intuitive computer interface for initial setup by prosthetist