The Element sets itself apart from two spring prosthetic foot designs by adding an innovative 3rd Element. Emotis has designed the Element to support each phase of foot function in the gait cycle—from heel strike, to mid-stance, to toe off. The result is a foot with unsurpassed smoothness, stability and performance throughout the gait cycle.

The Element is a modular design that uses a standard pyramid adapter and requires only 3.75 in. (9.5 cm) of clearance. The Element comes with a titanium core pyramid attachment for easy adaption to all lower extremity designs. In addition the low clearance leaves room for complimentary components such as vacuum systems and shock absorbing units.

The Element is ideal for active and moderately active amputees of all amputation levels and has been tested and certified to the ISO-22675 Test Standard. This is one of only a few foot systems that have met this stringent test standard and proof that it is incredibly durable. It is available in sizes 22 to 30 cm and carries a weight rating of 275 lbs.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique three element design
  • Smooth rollover and superior stability
  • Adjustable heel wedge for fine tuning heel stiffness
  • Innovative Micro-Slice technology for multi axial performance
  • Low profile design requires only 3.75 in. clearance (9.5 cm)
  • Durable; meets the ISO-22675 test standard
  • Incredibly lightweight only 11 oz. (310 g)
  • Flexible foot shell with realistic features