Aortic Optiflow Cannulae from Sorin

The Aortic Optiflow Cannulae from Sorin has an unique design Optiflow tip with three-dimensional dispersion of the blood flow.


  • PVC tubing with optional wire reinforcement to prevent kinking
  • Double orientation marking allows easy recognition of the direction of the flow
  • Available with straight or 135° angled tip
  • Available sizes: 21 French (7 mm) and 24 French (8 mm)
  • Length: 22 cm
  • Tubing connector with lock cap with female luer lock for venting
  • Optional phospholipid coating, that improves biocompatibility


  • Natural dispersion of the blood flow instead of “jet stream”
  • Homogeneous flow profile with low velocities and low pressure drop
  • Reduced risk of dislodgement of plaques and haemolysis