D980 Venous and Cardiotomy Reservoir from Sorin

The D980 venous and cardiotomy reservoir from Sorin is the only device allowing discrimination and separate handling of activated and non activated suction blood during CPB in a P.h.i.s.i.o coating environment.


  • The most advanced Cardiotomy Reservoir in terms of better patients outcome
  • Phosphorylcholine coated available

Technical Features:

  • Max. Volume Capacity(ml) (upper+lower cardiotomy section) : 1200+3500
  • Max. Venous Blood Flow Rate(l/min): 4
  • Upper Cardiotomy Filter nominal size(µm): 30
  • Lower Cardiotomy Filter nominal size(µm): 105
  • Blood Outlet Port: 3/8"
  • Vent Port: 1/4"