Cardioplegia Retrograde Cannulae from Sorin

The Cardioplegia Retrograde Cannulae from Sorin is used for the retrograde delivery of cardioplegic solution through the coronary sinus.


  • With manually inflatable silicone balloon, which grants adaptation to anatomical conditions, protection of the coronary sinus and enhanced retention
  • Soft atraumatic silicone tip
  • Silicone tubing grants small elasticity loss during application of blood or cold cardioplegia solutions
  • Integrated pressure monitoring line with a 4-way stopcock allows for continuous intra-sinous pressure monitoring
  • Control balloon with a one-way security valve
  • Moveable suture ring allows a secure fixation
  • Female luer lock connector
  • Available with smooth or ridged silicone balloon
  • Available with introducer with handle or guidewire introducer
  • Available sizes: 8, 11 and 14 French (2.6, 3.8 and 4.7 mm)