ElectroForce 3200 Series III Test Instruments from TA Instruments

The ElectroForce® 3200 Series III test instruments feature a 225 N (450 N optional) maximum force. With the versatility of static to 300 Hz frequency response, the table-top configuration is adaptable to a variety of biomedical research and engineered materials test applications, including torsion testing, creep under dynamic loading and special environments (hot/cold chambers).

Key Features

  • Versatility for a variety of test applications
  • Monotonic to 300 Hz frequency response
  • DMA testing up to 200 Hz
  • Electronic lifts and lever-action crosshead locks
  • Highly-visible test indicator lights
  • High-resolution and high-accuracy displacement measurement
  • Well-suited for low-force testing of biomaterials and engineered materials

Key Applications

  • Tissue-engineered construct stimulation and characterization
  • Medical device and components testing
  • Ophthalmic characterization
  • Biosensors