ElectroForce TestBench Test Instrument from TA Instruments

TestBench configurations were designed with component testing in mind, and thanks to their modular approach, a wide array of configurations and performance capabilities are possible. TestBench systems can be multi-channel and multi-axis.

The WinTest® PCI controller, in a typical configuration, can provide control for two movers and feedback for up to eight channels. Reaction brackets are pre-designed to allow attachment of components or the test specimen to the mounting baseplate. In addition, a saline bath can be provided as an environmental option. By selecting the proper baseplate and ElectroForce® motor packages, a variety of testing needs can be addressed.

Key Features

  • Component testing
  • Multi-channel and multi-axis
  • Rotary actuators for rotation

Key Applications

  • Development of tissue replacements
  • Natural and prosthetic skin
  • Physiological, surgical, and medical device applications
  • Heart valves and blood vessels