ElectroForce 3500 Test Instruments from TA Instruments

ElectroForce® 3500 test instruments are available in three basic system configurations.

The 3510 instrument, rated at 7.5 kN, is configured with the linear motor installed in the upper crosshead, making it well-suited for applications requiring a temperature-controlled bath.

The 3520 instrument is rated at 7.5 kN, and the linear motor is installed in the lower baseplate.

The 3550 instrument is a higher-force configuration rated at 15 kN.

Key Features

  • Versatility for a variety of mechanical fatigue and dynamic characterization tests
  • Can perform tests over a wide frequency range
  • Air-cooled, clean-room compatible and quiet operation in a compact, space-saving package

Key Applications

  • Orthopedic materials and implants
  • Consumer products testing
  • Elastomeric materials testing