Morphine Brands

Morphine is a very strong pain killer that is widely used in pain management to treat individuals who have experienced surgery or major injury or who have terminal cancer. It is also one of the main drugs used for recreational purposes and is potentially highly physically and psychologically addictive.

Some of the street names for morphine include God's drug, MS, Morf, Morpho, Dreamer, First Line, Emsel, Unkie and Mr Blue.

Since morphine has several clinical uses, there are several brand names under which the drug is sold. Some of the most widely used brands include: MSiR®, MS-Contin®, Roxanol®, RMS®, Kadian® and oramorph SR®. A major form of injectable morphine is available as morphine sulphate.

Slow release and immediate-release formulations are available. The slow release agents are those that have a delayed onset but longer duration of action whereas the immediate-release formulations provide rapid pain relief.

Some of the other clinical brands of morphine used in various countries worldwide include:

Drugs beginning A to C

Algedol, Amidiaz, Anafil, Anamorph, Astramorph, Actiskenan, Analmorph, Analfin, Avinza, Cloruro Morfico Braun, Contalgin, Compensan, Continue and Capros

D to F

Depolan, Doloral, Dulcontin, Duralgin, DepoDur, Dimorf, Dolcontin, Doltard, Duralmor, Duramorph, Epimorph, Embeda, Filnarine,

G to I

Graten, GNO, Hospira and Infumorph

K to M

Kapabloc, Kadian, Kapanol, Loceptin, Longphine, LA Morph, M-Beta, M-Eslon, M-Retard, M-Long, M-Stada, Malfin, Maxidon, Meslon, Micro-Morphine, MCR, M-Dolor, Morapid, Moraxen, Morficontin, Morfin, Morfina, Morcap, Moretal, Morin, Morph, Morphanton, Morphgesic, Morphin, Morphex, Morphini, Morphinum, Mogetic, Morphitec, Morphium, Morstel, MOS, Moscontin, Morstel, MS Contin, MS Direct, MS Long, MS Mono, Morphiphar, Mortificontin, Mundidol

N to P

Neocalmans, Noceptin, Nepenthe, Novo-Morphine, PMS-Morphine, Q-Med Morphine, S-Morphine, Oglos, OMS Concentrate, Onkomorphin, Opitard, Oblioser, Oramorph, Opsalvina, Ordine, Painbreak

Q to S

RA Morph, Relimal, Repriadol, RMS, Roxanol, Ratio-Morphine, Relipain, Rescudose, Sevre-Long, Slovalgin, SRM-Rhotard, Stellorphinad, Stellaphine, Stellorphine, Skenan, Slo-Morph, Sevredol, Statex, Substitol

T to V

Uni Mist, Vendal,



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  1. John Donahue John Donahue United States says:

    One of the most common side effects of morphine is headaches. Every time I have been given morphine it has triggered the worst migraine of my life to that point. One time, recently, I was given a morphine injection in the ER. It triggered a horrible migraine that lasted five days.

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