Food agency responds to egg debacle

The Food Standards Agency is reiterating its advice about eating eggs in the light of the Soil Association's report on a particular feed additive residue in eggs. The report does not raise any immediate health concerns but the Agency is continuing to press industry to ensure that the additive, lasalocid, is not found in eggs.

Lasalocid is used against internal parasites in chickens. It is illegal to use it in the European Union for laying hens.

The levels of lasalocid in eggs do not raise any immediate health concerns for consumers. However, for some time the FSA has been urging industry to address this problem and is disappointed by the failure of industry to take effective action against bad practice. The Agency is considering further measures, such as a survey of eggs with a view to providing consumers with information, and supporting enforcement action where necessary.

The Agency's advice about eating eggs remains unchanged, but it will be kept under review in the light of new information.

Dr Andrew Wadge, Director of Food Safety Policy at the Food Standards Agency, said: 'Although there is no immediate health risk the Agency's view is that consumers would expect eggs without these residues.'


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