MSF celebrated their 1,000 patient on antiretroviral treatment in a South African township

Since May 2001, three HIV/AIDS clinics in the three day-hospitals in Khayelitsha have been offering antiretroviral therapy to people with AIDS who need treatment. During these three years, we have seen more and more people in Khayelitsha willing to confront HIV, have an HIV test and come to the clinics if needed.

More and more people have taken responsibility for their health and opted to be open about HIV. Now the three clinics in Khayelitsha are following nearly 6,000 people with HIV and provide antiretroviral drugs to 1,000.

The success of the HIV/AIDS clinics is the result of the hard work of the health services, clinic staff, counselors, community educators. Not to mention the result of the engagement of the Khayelitsha community at large.

Inspired by the reaction against AIDS by the people in Khayelitsha, in 2003 the World Health Organization chose this program as a model of best practice in the implementation of antiretroviral therapy. Today, this program is known all over the world.

On April 29, MSF celebrated these achievements, as well as our commitment to continue work hard. However the work is far from finished. Today 50,000 people live with HIV in Khayelitsha and, in total, about 5,000 need antiretrovirals.

Today in Khayelitsha many people - particularly youngsters - still get infected with HIV. MSF is firm in the commitment to ensure that AIDS services reach everybody in need in Khayelitsha. We are determined to implement strategies to facilitate prevention.

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