Health-care providers can now review and update immunization records for patients online

Health-care providers can now review and update immunization records for patients online using the new and improved Web-based CHILD Profile Immunization Registry. The system is operated by the Department of Health and makes it easier for health-care professionals to keep track of immunization records.

Several providers statewide piloted the Web-based registry in April, which is now available to any health-care provider.

"We know how easy it is to lose track of immunization records," said State Health Officer Dr. Maxine Hayes. "Families move, change health-care providers, and lose the little book they were given years before to keep track of immunizations. This new system makes it easier to keep track."

About a quarter of all two-year-olds are not up-to-date on immunizations for diseases like measles, diphtheria and hepatitis B. Vaccines do more than protect the child who receives the immunization; they also protect others against disease, especially those who haven’t received all their vaccinations. "Infants are more vulnerable to disease than older children and adults. We saw a record high number of cases of pertussis or ‘whooping cough’ in 2003. Immunization can prevent children from getting this terrible disease," Hayes said.

CHILD Profile is Washington’s health promotion and immunization registry system, designed to help children receive needed preventive health-care and immunizations. The new state-of-the-art Web-based registry application will benefit health-care providers, parents and public health by helping ensure that children are immunized in a timely manner. Parents can call any participating health-care provider to get immunization information, including a printed report of their child’s immunization status.

"Physicians and practices across the state will be very impressed with the capabilities of the new CHILD Profile Immunization Registry," said Sherry Riddick, immunization registry manager. "We hope these improvements will attract even more providers to using this free tool for their practices."

Although the registry was developed in 1993, the new version offers great improvements to the text-based, dial-up system it replaces. The new CHILD Profile is a secure, Web-based computer system that keeps track of children’s immunizations and offers a number of time-saving reporting features. This easy-to-use system gives participating health-care providers access to a shared, secure registry of immunization information to facilitate the care of each child.

CHILD Profile is actively recruiting across the state to encourage all health-care providers to use the registry to manage immunizations and save staff time and costs. By 2006, the Department of Health aims to have 95 percent of immunization providers using the system. Currently more than 400 health-care facilities, or 40 percent of all practices that give immunizations to children, participate in the registry. There are more than 15 million immunizations for 3.8 million individuals recorded in the registry. Health-care providers say the registry’s tracking and reporting functions save time and money and require less paperwork.

"The registry allows our office to quickly track vaccine inventory, print immunization reports for parents, and create reports of patients in need of immunizations," said Holly Wilson of Group Health Cooperative in the Spokane area. "I would tell practices to enroll in the new CHILD Profile because the features are improved and it’s helping improve immunization rates across the state – and that benefits all of us."

Health-care providers who would like to participate in the free Web-based CHILD Profile Registry may call 1-800-325-5599 or 206-205-4141. CHILD Profile is a project of the Department of Health, in partnership with the Medical Assistance Administration of the Department of Social and Health Services, and in cooperation with Public Health – Seattle and King County.


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