Terrence Higgins suggest one in four gay men living with HIV in the UK is unaware of their infection

A study published today in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections claims that as many as one in three gay men living with HIV in the UK is unaware of their infection. Researchers from the Royal Free and University College Medical School questioned more than 8,000 gay men in London's bars, clubs and saunas between 1996 and 2000. More recent research suggests that the figure is closer to one in four.

Lisa Power, head of Policy and Public Affairs at Terrence Higgins Trust said:  "This information is not new. We have been concerned for some time about the barriers which discourage people from testing - poor GUM facilities, inaccurate information and prejudice about HIV. We need sexual health to be made a government and local health priority; we need improved sex education for all young people, and we need more targeted campaigns to encourage people in HIV high-prevalence communities, like gay men, to consider the benefits of testing. We are doing a great deal already, but more could be done to halt the spread of HIV and reverse the rise in all sexually transmitted infections in the UK."



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