Russian doctors appreciate benefits of natural remedies

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"It would appear that American doctors have a long way to go compared to Russian doctors who are, after recognizing the limited results with traditional drugs, are now successfully testing natural remedies," according to nutritional researcher Peter Gillham.

After hearing a presentation on magnesium by American nutritional researcher, Peter Gillham, at a large medical congress held in Moscow, ("Modern Technology in Pediatrics and Children's Surgery"), Dr Ismail M Osmanov, deputy director of the Moscow Pediatric & Child Surgery Institute, is undertaking a study on the nutritional benefits of magnesium, specifically looking into a US made formulation called Natural Calm.

Upon being questioned about why Dr Osmanov is researching American nutritional products, Gillham explained; "In addition to their effectiveness, Russia does not have the funding to use expensive drug therapies and thus are looking for cost effective programs such as natural remedies which are less expensive alternatives". Rarely does it happen that a single nutrient can produce milestone changes in the way bodies' function, and resolve chronic health conditions.

The mineral magnesium has been recognized as the most important mineral in the body, being involved in over 350 important processes, including energy production. Gillham was one of ten other American researchers and scientists invited to participate at the Russian medical congress last year. Dr. Osmanov became interested in the product, Natural Calm, due to the widespread usage and ability in disease prevention.

In a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition (134:1516-22, 2004;, Dutch researchers compared maternal nutritional intake in 106 women who gave birth to infants with spina bifida to data on 181 controls. The study shows that mothers with affected offspring had significantly lower intakes of plant proteins, and other minerals particularly magnesium.

The researchers concluded low preconceptional intake of these nutrients was associated with a 2- to 5-fold increased risk of having a child with spina bifida. "Nervous children and babies seem to respond well to magnesium. It has been determined that children and babies who are restless and can't sleep are deficient in magnesium. The solution is to give babies and children a bottle of water-soluble magnesium. Magnesium is the most important major mineral that is needed in order to function correctly and efficiently," states Gillham. "Also, magnesium is necessary for the correct assimilation of calcium and potassium and the correct and efficient functioning of enzymes." "America seems fixated on calcium to the point of over consuming it but seem to be unaware that magnesium is necessary for calcium absorption aside from the other 350 functions magnesium performs. Hopefully the additional Russian research will open our eyes to this miracle nutrient."


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