Bandage that uses peptides and collagen, capable of healing wounds and regenerating tissue

Hapto-Biotech, an Israeli start-up company, and New York-based Ortec International Inc., have joined forces to develop a bandage capable of healing wounds and regenerating tissue, using a unique combination of peptides and collagen.

The new technology could also have an important impact on orthopedic and dental procedures, as well as for the cosmetics industry.

The active peptides were developed by Hapto, a start-up company established by Hadasit Medical Research and Development Ltd., the commercial subsidiary of the Hadassah Medical Organization; the collagen-based biomaterial was developed by Ortec. The Hapto-Ortec collaboration is the second stage of a joint research project the two companies began in 2002, the results of which produced the potential for the biotech bandage.

“This joint venture is an important landmark in our company's development plan,” said Ira Weinstein, Hapto-Biotech CEO. “I am confident that during the next 24 months, we will make significant progress in the development of the biotech bandage, which will move us even further ahead,” he said, anticipating positive results from clinical trials on humans. Haptide TM., Hapto's core technology, utilizes proprietary synthetic peptides that mimic the mechanism of cell attachment to fibrin. It was developed by Dr. Raphael Gorodesky of Hadassah and Dr. Gerard Marx of Hapto.

Ron Lipstein,Vice President and CEO of Ortec expressed his satisfaction that “our initial joint research with Hapto, resulted in a product concept which may have application to a number of significant markets. While we remain very focused on commercializing our lead product, Or-cell, being able to leverage our core technology to generate other licensing opportunities applicable to other markets, is consistent with our business plan and one which can be value enhancing for Ortec.", we are gratified that our core technology affords us opportunities in other areas that can also be profitable.”

When the two companies believe the success of the biotech bandage has been proven, they will seek a strategic partner to support the manufacturing and marketing of the product.


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