Women in the UK dissatisfied with their looks and most would consider cosmetic surgery

According to a survey of 1,000 women whose average age was 34, more than half of British women say they would consider having cosmetic surgery and nearly all are constantly worried about their body shape and size.

In a rather sad indictment of modern women, it appears most are dissatisfied with their bodies.

Apparently 81 percent are unhappy with their hips/thighs , 71 percent with their waist , 70 percent with their legs, 66 percent with their breasts , 73 percent with their bottom, 63 percent with their ankles , 63 percent with their feet, 73 percent with their arms, 68 percent with their face, 62 percent with their hands, 65 percent with their teeth and 50 percent with their hair.

What an unhappy lot we are! And there's more!

Eight out of ten wish they were slimmer.

Although only 27 percent of the survey sample for Grazia magazine were overweight, seven out of 10 of the women dieted, and eight out of 10 wished they were slimmer.

When it came to 'most wanted' treatments, at the top of the list were liposuction (42 percent), Botox injections (39 percent), skin resurfacing (37 percent) and eyelid lift or bags removed, (29 percent).

Demi Moore was considered the celebrity thought to have most improved herself with surgery, while Angelina Jolie apparently has the body most women want, as well as Brad Pitt!


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