GenoMed submits 50th provisional patent application

GenoMed announced today that the Company has submitted its 50th provisional patent application, a major milestone in any development stage company. GenoMed has so far been awarded two patents, one for treating acute kidney failure without dialysis, and another for hastening lung maturation in prematurely born infants.

Two of the most recently submitted patent applications include a drug delivery system whereby the delivery of drugs to the bloodstream is controlled through specially formulated toothpastes, and a method to reduce scarring and fibrosis both on the skin and in internal organs.

Small proteins like insulin don't survive the strong acid environment of the stomach, and must be injected to get into the bloodstream. As a result, patients with diabetes have to inject themselves under the skin one to three times a day. Putting insulin in toothpaste may be an effective method to get insulin into the bloodstream directly, especially after flossing, which often causes bleeding of the gums. It may be especially useful for children with juvenile-onset diabetic patients, who must begin injecting insulin as pre-teens.

GenoMed's method to reduce scarring, both on the skin and in internal organs, involves another novel use for angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) either as pills, which already exist, or as topical creams. This approach may be useful in dermatology and plastic surgery, especially for burn victims who get extensive scarring, patients with keloid scars, etc.


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