Australia's leading medical research institutes recognise that the Australian Synchrotron

The President of the Australian Association of Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI), Professor Suzanne Cory, has announced that AAMRI would become a partner in the Australian Synchrotron.

"AAMRI will form a consortium to contribute $5 million towards the initial suite of beamlines at the Australian Synchrotron," Professor Cory said.

"Australia's leading medical research institutes recognise that the Australian Synchrotron is critical infrastructure for promoting good health and wellbeing for all Australians, identified as a national research priority by the Federal Government. This facility will greatly empower research and development across all the life sciences. We are excited by the innovative work already done by Australians on overseas synchrotrons and eager to maximise the benefits of having our own national light source," she added.

Professor Cory said that the Australian Synchrotron beamlines will deliver techniques that aid many aspects of health and medical research, from cell biology to drug design.

"This is an immensely versatile facility. Synchrotrons are helping to improve our understanding and treatment of disease. Synchrotron research has already revolutionised our ability to design new and better drugs. And the potential for better imaging and micro-beam radiation therapies is extremely exciting.

"Australia's medical research community needs access to the beamlines that will enable us to accelerate medical R&D, and investing in beamlines will give us guaranteed access we can allocate to the highest research priorities. All Australians will benefit from the advances in preventative medicine and clinical treatments promoted by medical research at the Australian Synchrotron."

Professor Cory congratulated the Victorian Government for its $157 million investment in the Australian Synchrotron.

"In taking the bold decision to build this facility, Premier Bracks and Minister Brumby have shown the kind of leadership this country needs to stay competitive in world science. Australia's medical research institutes are proud to be joining the national partnership of leading universities and research organisations to fund the beamlines that will help our brightest and best researchers reach their full potential," Professor Cory said.


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