Applied DNA Sciences files patents for optical DNA SigNature markers

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. has announced that it has filed multiple patent applications to cover its latest developments in optical reporter markers.

These reporters "announce" the presence of the DNA markers to which they are attached. The development of these reporter adducts enables instantaneous detection of Applied DNA's SigNature DNA markers by commercially available, hand-held devices. A blinking light, an audible beep or the reading of an invisible 2-D bard code signals detection. The company has begun to demonstrate its new platform to individual customers, and plans a formal unveiling for a later date.

"This is a significant accomplishment for Applied DNA Sciences,” stated Dr. James Hayward, President and CEO. "The company has been working on the development of a system for remote instant detection for some time and we now have in place a number of proprietary optical markers which can be covalently linked to SigNature DNA to provide an instant means of detecting the presence of SigNature DNA by small, hand-held readers. DNA-reporter adducts offer a high-speed first defense that enable a rapid screening to identify the presence of a SigNature DNA marker. When complemented by our forensic methods, we provide an integrated solution for brand-owners and governments."

While intended as a rapid screen of our SigNature anti-counterfeit mark, SigNature Optical Reporters also enhance the logistical value of DNA marks by permitting the co-encryption of the content of a 2D barcode.

"With these discoveries," stated Dr. Benjamin Liang, Chief Science Officer, "the company now offers three levels of detection for its SigNature DNA, from a simple rapid screen which can be done instantaneously anywhere with a portable handheld device to more definitive forensic tests which can be tested either in the field or at our laboratories. This underscores the significant progress APDN has made in the past two years and it is what we believe many of our potential clients and investors have been waiting for. We now have a highly cost effective and easy to implement solution."

"Rapid Screens utilizing optical reporters afford APDN and its customers the ability to quickly identify the presence or absence of SigNature DNA Markers using portable handheld detectors. For more definitive testing, clients can have their SigNature  DNA marked items forensically authenticated with services and tools provided by APDN."

Dr. Hayward continued. “If you are serious about brand protection and care about the quality of the products that are being produced and ultimately consumed, we believe that DNA is the only true workable solution in that it provides a unique, unbreakable code, and has the staying power that no other security technology can offer. We believe we are well prepared to provide exactly what is needed in the field so that genuinely branded products can be easily differentiated from counterfeits.”


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