Veeco releases new BioScope Catalyst Life Science Atomic Force Microscope

Veeco Instruments Inc. announced today the release of its BioScope Catalyst Life Science Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).

The Catalyst provides an unprecedented level of integration between atomic force microscopy and light microscopy. The system features hardware and software innovations that enable the two complementary techniques to be used together more effectively and with greater ease-of-use for a wide variety of life science applications, including cellular force and mechanical studies and high-resolution molecular-scale imaging.

"We are excited to offer life scientists ground-breaking expanded analytical capabilities with Veeco's new BioScope Catalyst," said Mark R. Munch, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Veeco Metrology. "With its seamless integration with inverted optical microscopes and software specifically designed for registering and overlaying optical and AFM data, the Catalyst represents a new level of functionality and AFM accessibility for biological research. The continued adoption of AFM by life scientists is testimony to the great value that this technology provides - not only through the ability to image samples independent of fluorescent labels at resolution higher than optical microscopy, but also through the contribution of new information in such areas as cell elasticity, binding affinity, and mechanical transduction."

David Rossi, Vice President and General Manager of Veeco's AFM Business Unit, added, "The BioScope Catalyst is Veeco's newest life science AFM and part of a long heritage of successful products that date back to 1994 when Veeco introduced the original BioScope AFM and TappingMode in fluid. We have developed a true working partnership with preeminent biological researchers over the years, and their feedback and collaboration have been invaluable in the design of this system. From top to bottom, the Catalyst enhances performance, functionality and simplicity of use so life science researchers can concentrate on their data rather than the operation of their instrumentation."

About Catalyst

The Catalyst utilizes a top-down laser path that permits uncompromised use of phase contrast, differential interference contrast, and brightfield optical microscopy while offering unmatched optical and physical access from the top of the AFM head. Compatibility with the top inverted optical microscope brands, as well as with their standard condensers and a full turret of objectives, ensures non-limited optical capabilities. Veeco's exclusive MIRO (Microscope Image Registration and Overlay) software corrects and registers light microscopy images and AFM data in real-time, permitting faster and more reliable data acquisition and processing. Enhanced support is included for Hamamatsu ORCA® and Photometrics CoolSNAP cameras, which allows images to be captured directly into the software. Finally, the Catalyst incorporates many features specifically designed to address the unique requirements of life science samples, including flexible mounting options, heating and fluid handling capabilities, and a micro-volume perfusion accessory for working with precious reagents or proteins.


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