Mal-illumination - the silent epidemic

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Most of human history has witnessed people living and working outdoors during the light of day, absorbing "life-charging" full-spectrum solar energy from the sky. An average of 10 hours daily in the sunlight, 70 hours weekly, was common for eons.

Now, however, in less than a mere two hundred years, millions of people have unwittingly become "contemporary cave-dwellers," living and working indoors, sometimes, all day long. In addition to creating a serious vitamin D deficiency for millions, this dramatic reduction of natural light exposure (light that our DNA is programmed to assimilate) and its associated disturbance to vital circadian rhythms, has contributed to many other health issues, some quite serious.

Controlled by light, circadian rhythms regulate appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and other essential mind-body functions. The late Dr. John Ott, renowned photobiologist and father of full-spectrum light, had coined this adverse phenomenon "mal-illumination." Unknowingly, millions suffer from chronic mal-illumination. Like malnutrition, mal-illumination deprives one of a level of nutrients and rhythmic stimulation that is essential for living as whole, healthy humans. This means that whether one is suffering or feeling generally "fine" - more biologically beneficial light can actually improve the levels of alertness, mood and energy for the healthy and sick, young and old.

Light is the basic component from which all life originates, evolves, and is energized. Light and health are inseparable. So what does one do if they're stuck in the office or the house all day? Simply bring the right kind of light inside. bioLight Group (bLG), the same people who originally developed the popular "full-spectrum" Ott Light System over 20 years ago, are now advancing Dr. Ott's radiant health, fluorescent technology to the premier eco-lighting technology: light emitting diodes (LED).

Can this really work? Science confirms that the human body functions much like a green plant, collecting energy photons from the sun. A full-spectrum of photons, entering the body through the eyes and skin, helps regulate brain chemistry. Additionally, photons are also distributed throughout the body via the nervous system. Humans are photobiotic "solar beings" - all humans are absolutely dependent on the absorption of vital solar radiation. Noble Prize Laureate Dr. Szent-Gyorgi describes the essential life process as "a little electrical current sent to us by the sunshine." Without light there is no health.

"We are human photocells whose ultimate biological nutrient is sunlight," states bioLight CEO Ken Ceder. Every metabolic process, from enzyme reactions to muscular movements to the digestion of food and the burning of fat, is an electro-chemical biological process regulated and augmented by sunlight energy. A reduction of natural light energy causes a slowdown in these processes, leading to decreased metabolism, reduced burning of fat, reduced vitality and compromised immunity. The correct photons of therapeutic light allows one to gain the nutritious, natural light bio-nutrients that are needed each day, thereby keeping one's energy levels strong and resilient and one's mood elevated.

bLG is pleased to share clinical research and information that will naturally complement and enhance people's wellness experience. Elevated mood, reduced fatigue, and improved sleep are but a few of the science-based benefits associated with therapeutic biolight.

bLG is a health science, research and development innovator of light therapy devices and wellness applications since 1987 and serves as a catalyst for raising awareness of mal-illumination ... the silent epidemic.


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