MemoryXL improves cognitive performance in Alzheimer's disease

Thomas Shea, Ph.D, and his team of scientists, tested the effects of MemoryXL™ previously shown to improve cognitive performance in Alzheimer's disease on adults without dementia.

Dr. Shea said, "Adults without dementia improved within two weeks, and maintained that improvement over the course of a year." The results will appear in a forthcoming issue of The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging.

Clinically Proven MemoryXL™ Now Available-over-the-Counter

MemoryXL™ requires no prescription, so treatment can start at the first sign of memory dysfunction, or even before any loss. There is no need to wait until a decline in memory is serious enough to warrant a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

Pharmacies, vitamin stores and other retail outlets can now sell MemoryXL™ or it can be ordered online; it costs $59 per bottle of 60 pills, a one-month supply, with a special offer of two months supply for $99.00.

SOURCE: MemoryXL, Inc.


  1. James Street James Street United States says:

    This product is a scam.  Its ingredients are kept secret and the product is given a fancy name and a pretty package, and marketed like toothpaste with the goal of making a fortune for the marketers.
    Find out what the ingredients are and buy them at a health food store for a much cheaper price.

    For a non-profit organization which has a better product with a cheaper product contact

  2. tom shea tom shea United States says:

    James, the ingredients are not a secret, they are listed (including their amounts) within the published clinical trials that are available to all right on the website.  

    MemoryXL contains 3 vitamins (folic acid, B12 and vitamin E) which work along with the nutriceuticals S-adenosyl methionine, N-acetyl cysteine, and Acetyl-L-carnitine.  If you are taking a good multivitamin, and can find the other 3 supplements for less than $50 (2 bottles of memoryXL cost $99), then you have a great idea.  Please do purchase good brands.  Quality (e.g., GNC) S-adenosyl methionine alone costs $33, Acetyl-L-carnitine $35, N-acetyl cysteine $14.  No one is getting rich or trying to;  the formulation is licensed by a MA university to this small startup company.  

    Anyone with questions, please email me through the website ([email protected]) and I will respond directly.

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