Thommen Medical launches two implant conditioning systems

Thommen Medical, a leading Swiss company in the area of the oral implantology, will officially launch the latest products in the evolution of implant surface technology, APLIQUIQ and INICELL, at the 2009 AAOMS Meeting in Toronto, Canada.

APLIQUIQ and INICELL—The Innovation is in the Conditioning

The introduction of APLIQUIQ and INICELL brings about a new era in state of the art implant dentistry. For the first time, the power is in the hands of the clinician.

In the words of Dr. Robert Hinkle, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Dublin, OH, "My first clinical experience with INICELL and APLIQUIQ was fantastic. APLIQUIQ conditioned the implant perfectly and added absolutely no additional time or effort to the procedure. The conditioned INICELL surface was clearly hydrophilic and handled beautifully. This state of the art, chemically enhanced surface will allow me to provide my patients cutting edge dental implant therapy."


The First Chairside Implant Conditioning System

APLIQUIQ* is the fast and effective chairside conditioning system used to produce the superhydrophilic INICELL surface. The sterile applicator contains one implant and one healing cap in a dry state, and the liquid conditioning agent in a sealed cartridge. The conditioning agent, when released, hydroxylates the sandblasted/thermal acid-etched implant surface, increasing surface energy and creating the superhydrophilic properties that lead to increased blood contact and homogenous protein adsorption – both fundamental to accelerated osseointegration. APLIQUIQ is designed for safe and easy use. The insertion aid holds the implant securely within the applicator while allowing the conditioning agent to contact the entire microrough surface. Highlights of APLIQUIQ are that it is the first and only chairside implant conditioning system. It features an integrated reservoir which prevents spills, ergonomic wings to assist handling and easy access healing cap.


Evolution in Surface Technology

INICELL is a further development of Thommen Medical’s sandblasted/thermal acid-etched surface technology. A new conditioning process, performed immediately before surgical placement, produces an implant surface with increased surface energy and exceptional hydrophilicity. In animal studies, the conditioned surface showed accelerated osseointegration and greater implant stability. The innovative chairside conditioning process, performed with the new APLIQUIQ, is both fast and effective. In a matter of seconds, the conditioning agent hydroxylates the implant surface – dramatically boosting the surface energy through contact with hydroxide ions (OH–) to achieve superhydrophilicity. Higher surface energy and superhydrophilicity promote increased blood contact and protein adsorption over the entire conditioned surface of the implant – both fundamental to osseointegration. The superhydrophilic INICELL surface exhibits a water contact angle of less than 5 degrees. A hydrophilic surface, by comparison, is generally considered to have a contact angle of 90 degrees or less. These properties of the INICELL surface promote spontaneous and complete wetting with physiological fluids, particularly blood.

Reduced healing time to 3 weeks

INICELL surface implants may be loaded in 3 weeks in most cases. This translates into greater treatment flexibility. Although results in animal studies are not necessarily predictive of human clinical results, and although more studies are necessary to confirm trends and establish statistical significance, early scientific research in animal studies suggests several important factors. INICELL creates a higher bone-to-implant contact in the early healing phase of 2–4 weeks as well as with immediate placement protocols2. A higher implant stability is reached during the early healing phase1 and there is a continued increase in stability during the first 8 weeks following placement2.

Experience the Innovation

APLIQUIQ and INICELL will be introduced to North America in October, 2009. Thommen Medical will present an Exhibitor Showcase at the annual AAOMS Meeting in Toronto, Canada, highlighting the research behind the products. Renowned clinicians will also share their initial clinical experiences with INICELL. Demonstrations will be held at the booth (#837). TMUS General Manager, David Gentile, will be presenting a glimpse of the company, future releases and additional information on INICELL and APLIQUIQ for the press.


The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of News Medical.
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