New Candida treatment more effective than popular remedies

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Kathleen Kalaf has been to hell and back in her long fight with systemic Candida. Today, thanks to a new Candida treatment that is more effective than even the most popular Candida remedies, Kalaf is finally free of the yeast overgrowth that stole eight years of her life -- and she wants other Candida sufferers to know about Candida Force (

Kalaf, who last year founded the nonprofit Candida awareness organization Atlantic Journey to Wellness ( to pass on her hard-won knowledge to others battling systemic Candida, had already tried countless products and tactics to heal her body and mind from the damage Candida had wrought.

Even a highly popular brand-name supplement Kalaf tried caused uncomfortable "die-off" symptoms as it killed the Candida, resulting in a buildup of toxins.  She called 911 the very first day she began taking that supplement, and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room.

Kalaf began searching for an alternative that would be effective without the temporarily debilitating die-off. She found it in Candida Force. Six times more powerful than the most popular brand on the market, the antifungal Candida Force is much more tolerable for most Candida sufferers because it does not cause significant die-off as it eliminates yeast. Unlike other supplements, Candida Force actually transforms the systemic fungal form of yeast back to its original yeast form, making its elimination possible -- which is a refreshing antidote to other products' claims to kill or starve Candida.

"Now I can eat fruit again, and I love taking saunas and sweat baths," said Kalaf. Candida Force is all-natural, easy to use, safe and maintains its effectiveness over time.  

"Candida Force is a godsend," Kalaf explained. "I was stunned at how well Candida Force works, but as I talked to other people living with Candida, I was dismayed to learn they didn't know about Candida Force. Systemic Candida sufferers need to know this is available, it works, and it's backed by a doctor who has spent 25 years researching and practicing functional medicine.

That doctor is Jeffrey S. McCombs, DC. His McCombs Plan combines detoxification and dietary recommendations to rid the body of Candida overgrowth. Kalaf was so impressed with the plan, she contacted Dr. McCombs and offered to help him reach the people who need Candida Force the most -- those searching for a way to heal themselves of systemic Candida.  

Dr. McCombs is now the leading expert on systemic Candida, and has published a medical library on systemic Candida which will be available online soon. Dr. McCombs said he had to cast a very wide net to capture all of the research on Candida, and his work will provide certainty to anyone in the medical profession who still questions the existence of systemic Candida. Soon to be at the top of the search engines, Dr. McCombs is the systemic Candida guru.  

"The vast majority of Candida sufferers are misdiagnosed by their doctors," said Kalaf, now the Internet Marketing Manager for They're left with no relief or sicker than when they started. So they end up self-diagnosing, usually correctly. But where do they go from there? It's confusing and overwhelming when you first realize you've been dealing with Candida. We want to reach those people and let them know there's a clear path to wellness, and Candida Force is an essential part of their healing."


  1. Lori McGinnis Lori McGinnis United States says:

    I was diagosed with Candida in my sinus about 6mths after undergoing a foot surgery. I believe I picked it up in the hospital because I woke up with a terrible sinus migrane and have had them ever since. I've tried everything, is there anyway I can sample your product to see if it will help me?


    Lori McGinnis

  2. Vera Vera Ireland says:

    Where can I get it? Have gone through hell last 6 months with candida.

  3. Sam Fox Sam Fox United States says:

    Having CFIDS and FMS, I have been on a candida protocol for several months trying to get some relief. I had gotten some improvement, but not as much as I had hoped. I decided to try the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse a week ago and immediately felt the difference! Many of the aches and pains have decreased dramatically and I have tons more energy. I am amazed!

    It used to be such a chore to do the dishes or take a shower even, but now I find myself cooking, cleaning, and wanting to go outside for a walk as well. My mental clarity has improved significantly too. I had heard about Lady Soma from friends, but have tried so many other things over the years, and never got around to it. Decided to give it a try, looked it up on google and found Lady Soma and all these reviews. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from Candida along with a good anti-fungal.

  4. Jack Jack South Africa says:

    Good day

    I have been reading a lot of information from the internet and i just realised that most symtoms suffered by canida infected people is what i go through every day of my life. Please assist in giving guidance as to where to start regarding treatment to either control or eliminate these symtoms completely if possible.

    Please reply.


    Jack Jumbella

  5. Dr Reynolds Dr Reynolds United States says:

    The main reason patients experience toxic shock from candida die-off is they don't include a powerful liver supplement to aid the detoxification process. In our office, we include Hepatiben from Liver Medic along with their candida cleanse. It works well. Best of luck to those suffering.

  6. Brett Luartes Brett Luartes United States says:

    I was confirmed with Candida after taking a food allergy test because I was starting to have symptoms of fibromyalgia. I tried many of the natural treatment including the best probiotics I could find but nothing cured it. A friend of mine mentioned he had similar issues a while back and it lasted 3 years. He went to France for 3 weeks and came back cured. He believed it we the raw cheese that cured him. I started eating about an OZ of raw cheese a day for about a month and I feel like I am almost cured. I don't have to be so strict on my diet or pay way too much money for treatment that doesn't cure me. Try it. It will work. If you want additional info watch Cooked on Netflix. There is a episode on cheese that will help you understand why this works.make sure it is raw unpasteurized cheese.

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