Salient Surgical Technologies, Exeter Hospital and Moffitt Cancer Center donate medical supplies to Haiti

Salient Surgical Technologies of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has partnered with Exeter Hospital in Exeter, New Hampshire and Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, to donate equipment and supplies for a mission to aid victims of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. The mission, led by Dr. Harvey Montijo of the Center for Bone and Joint Surgery in Royal Palm Beach, FL, will provide free care for Haitians who have suffered traumatic bone fractures and other injuries.

Salient donated two of its AQUAMANTYS™ electrosurgical generators, 300 AQUAMANTYS bipolar sealers and several boxes of assorted surgical supplies. Exeter Hospital and Moffitt Cancer Center each donated a supply of sterile saline, which the AQUAMANTYS System's TRANSCOLLATION™ technology requires to operate.

Salient's TRANSCOLLATION technology and the AQUAMANTYS System are helpful in controlling bleeding and blood loss in the types of traumatic bone fractures Dr. Montijo says he has encountered in his medical missions to Haiti.

Salient, which has a new in-house manufacturing capability, stepped up production of its popular line of AQUAMANTYS bipolar sealers to accommodate the donation.

"We typically keep only a small amount of saline on hand for product demonstrations, so we did not have enough to meet the needs of the large number of surgeries Dr. Montijo will perform during his upcoming mission," said Joseph F. Army, President and Chief Executive Officer of Salient. "But when we went to our friends at Exeter Hospital and Moffitt Cancer Center for assistance, they were more than willing to pull from their own stores and help make our donation possible."

SOURCE: Salient Surgical Technologies


  1. Ted Kowalski Ted Kowalski United States says:

    I have some medical things (heparin, saline solution, and packaged kits for changing dressings, etc.)  I’ve paid for this but can’t give it back.  I’ve heard that some agencies working with third-world countries can use these.  Can you use them or suggest who I contact?


    Ted Kowalski
    713:560-9628 (cell)
    713-426-3252 (home)

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