ZyGEM introduces new RNAGEM Tissue RNA extraction kits

ZyGEM Corp. Ltd., a provider of innovative enzyme-based products for DNA and RNA extraction and other life sciences applications, today announced the launch of its new RNAGEM™ Tissue RNA extraction kits.  This product represents a significant advance in sample preparation for RNA-based testing and analysis.

The RNAGEM™ Tissue kits feature an optimized new formulation of ZyGEM's enzymatic technologies that uses a single tube process to provide complete extraction of RNA, including smaller RNA molecules such as non-coding RNA and micro-RNA that are excluded by other RNA extraction methods. The RNAGEM™ kits deliver higher molecular weight RNA and more representative transcriptome profiles than other methods and are well suited for complete gene expression and non-coding RNA analyses.  RNAGEM™ Tissue kits have been shown to produce consistent, linear yields of nuclear RNA, thereby ensuring 100% reproducible results.  

Using RNAGEM™ Tissue kits, researchers can prepare samples up to ten times faster than with existing RNA extraction products—the entire extraction process can be accomplished in under 20 minutes, including handling time.  The kits require only a single incubation temperature, which also allows less opportunity for sample degradation than traditional extraction methods.  

"We developed our new RNAGEM™ Tissue kits in response to a growing number of requests for a high-performance option for RNA extraction similar to our innovative DNA extraction kits," said Paul Kinnon, CEO of ZyGEM.  "Leveraging our unique enzymatic technology, our scientists created a significantly improved and more flexible product for the rapidly growing RNA extraction market.  Our new RNAGEM™ Tissue kits provide researchers with a reliable and cost-effective method to extract RNA for a wide range of clinical testing needs, including pathology, cancer and immunology testing, as well as for basic research applications.  In contrast to current RNA extraction techniques that require multiple processes and more than an hour to complete, ZyGEM's RNAGEM™ Tissue provides a much simpler and more rapid solution."  

The RNAGEM™ Tissue kits will be distributed exclusively by ZyGEM's distribution partner VWR in North America and by VWR International Europe bvba in Europe.  Mr. Kinnon added, "With the powerful distribution support of VWR in North America and Europe and our growing distributor network serving other global markets, we believe that we have a strong channel in place to facilitate rapid uptake of this important new technology in the rapidly growing RNA extraction market."

Separately, ZyGEM also announced the opening of its European support office in Bemmel in the Netherlands.

ZyGEM's proprietary technology uses a thermophilic enzyme to extract DNA or RNA from samples using a single, closed-tube system.  ZyGEM's approach significantly reduces the time and cost of DNA and RNA extractions while simplifying laboratory workflow, minimizing error, reducing the risk of contamination, ensuring sample integrity and facilitating extractions from trace samples.  It is easily adaptable for use with virtually all off-the-shelf laboratory automation systems.  The technology can be specifically formulated for use with a wide range of different sample types without the need for further purification.  ZyGEM's technology has been validated for use in highly regulated applications, including forensic analysis. 



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