Marijuana must not be legalized in California, says opposition to the legalization initiative

The Opposition to the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2010) has learned that the ballot measure for The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 has officially been certified by the State of California to qualify for the November ballot.  

Opposition proponent Alexandra Datig said, "Drug addiction is an epidemic and marijuana is a silent killer.  For California to legalize marijuana would further contribute to the harms that addiction brings upon our youth, our families and our communities.  The consequences of legalizing marijuana have not yet been fully realized by the voters of the State of California.  I urge voters to learn all the facts before making a decision on this issue such as the serious risk of cancer causing fungus and mold contamination, which festers on marijuana plants (Study on corn exposure to identical fungal spices and strain growing on marijuana – University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service Fact Sheet No. 444 & 445).  Marijuana legalization infringes on our right to a healthy society and exposes communities to addiction, crime, biohazards, drug dealing and it must be defeated.  My campaign's sole purpose is to oppose The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 and educate voters (as well as proponents) so we can shed light on the numerous serious health risks associated with marijuana use."

Opposition supporter Nate Holden, former Los Angeles City Councilman and California State Senator also made the following statement:  "I want to commend law enforcement, Attorney General Jerry Brown, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other prominent public officials, who are opposing The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010.  We must not legalize marijuana in the State of California.  The voters must be mindful of the fact that to do so would be opening the doors to import major crime and killings, as has been seen south of the border."


Opposition to the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2010)


  1. Clark Culver Clark Culver United States says:

    Silent killer?  Come on, you can do better than that, can't you?  Not many people believe the reefer-madness era propaganda, anymore.  If there is cancer-causing fungi on cannabis plants, why have no studies linked cannabis smoking to lung cancer?  Where is the proof?  Besides, if it were legal, it could be eaten instead of smoked.  That way, it is, by far, the safest and least harmful intoxicant on the face of the earth.  That's one thing the prohibitionist never want to talk about: the fact that the policies that they support make it more harmful for those who choose to use cannabis.  Due to prohibition, it must be smoked because it is prohibitively expensive to eat, it may be laced with pesticides or other chemicals because there is no regulation, etc.  And don't get me started on how cannabis prohibition fuels drug violence across the globe.  It this all worth it for a policy that have been proven to have no effect on cannabis usage rates?

  2. Wow
    Kory Williams Kory Williams United States says:

    Really? The only hard evidence that you have against marijuana is a fungus that grows on it. You wouldn't eat Corn with mold on it why would you smoke something with mold on it. Seems like its just a scare tactic.

  3. Nate Nate United States says:

    "Silent Killer" ... "harm upon...our youth, our families, and our communities."  This is hogwash and scare tactics.

    There has been no study to show death as a result of over dosing on cannabis.  One lab pumped so much smoke was pumped into rodent cages that they asphixiated.  President Nixon commissioned a study on reefer and ignored the resulting possitive data.  The first law regarding cannabis in the USA was to make its cultivation MANDITORY!

    Don't believe the garbage this article is pushing.  

  4. Totem Totem Mexico says:

    I beg you all to consider the proposal for legalization or marijuana.
    I live in Mexico where over 18000 people have died in the drug war and over 2000 so far in this year.

    The proposal to legalize marijuana can help to diminish the power of drug cartels.

    I know that this is not a simple issue but please take in to account a pledge from your neightbour. You know the tool that a war can take on a country... please help us. Be human even before being American.

  5. Ian Shafer Ian Shafer United States says:

    Marijuana is used for alot of different things. it is beneficial to patients going through chemotherapy because it makes them eat. its also a good substance to use to lower blood pressure and help upset stomach pains. in my opinion i think the nation would benefit alot if marijuana was legalized because not only can it be taxed but the use of hemp can be a secondary sourse to clothing and paper. this article explains one persons opinion, I'm interested to see if it gets legalized or not. California resedents vote for the legalization on Nov. 2!!!

  6. Harley St Peters Harley St Peters United States says:

    I am NOT a criminal but yet i live in fear. The fear that the police can cart me off to jail b/c of marijuana. I am not a criminal I suffer from Crohn's Disease. Why do you want me to live every single day of my life, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year in excruciating pain. How can you be so heartless. If we legalize marijuana & tax it, then the police can pursue REAL criminals.  

  7. Ian Taylor Ian Taylor United States says:

    "Cancer-causing fungi"? This is complete and total lie and no study has ever linked the use of Marijuana to cancer. Furthermore, there has never ever been a single overdose of Marijuana and it has many very positive medicinal uses.

    Marijuana has been legal for the last 2000 years minus the last 70. Let's stop the madness of an un-winnable "war on drugs" and allow access to this harmless PLANT.

  8. AVoter AVoter United States says:

    I used to support legalization until a person who calls himself a "medical grower" move in to our once quite and safe neighborhood.  The negative impact of the new neighbor's growing activities on our street was immediate and devastating.  Until proponents of legalization come up with a zoning plan to keep production and distribution out of neighborhoods, I'm changing my vote to "no."  Personally, I like to take a drink every now and then but that doesn't mean that I want to live next door to a bar.  Nor do I want to live next door to a pot grower and all of the activity that comes along with them.

  9. drdalev drdalev United States says:

    Which drug cartel is financially supporting the oppositions spokes person, Alexandra Datig?

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