SEE BABY opens spa-like facility in mid-town Atlanta to provide low-cost medical care

In an economy where soaring healthcare costs and poor medical care seem to go hand in hand, SEE BABY has opened a beautiful spa-like facility in mid-town Atlanta staffed with well-trained, experienced personnel who provide the best in medical care for a cost up to 70% lower than nearby competitors.

Headed by Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, SEE BABY is the first high-risk obstetrics medical practice in the U.S. to incorporate a chic upscale spa-like feel within a perinatology office, that cares for "High-Risk" pregnancy. According to Monique Wilson, a recent SEE BABY patient, "Entering See Baby is like entering a mid-town spa. Their concierge service rivals anything in Beverly Hills." However, See Baby rates are approximately 33% less than nearby competitors.

High prices often deter uninsured self-pay patients from returning for necessary follow-up visits, which can place their pregnancy at risk. See Baby's self-pay pricing is consumer-friendly, and some patients are opting not to use their insurance and simply pay for their visit. Other perinatologists are charging exorbitant fees for less care and evaluations. Some are charging as much as $500 - $600 per visit.

Dr. Bootstaylor has ensured that See Baby isn't seen as the "status quo." Before opening the doors, he spent nearly three months taking the staff through an extensive customer service training program used by many Fortune 500 companies. "Everyone on our team has years of experience, but most have never been exposed to a rigorous customer service training program, so I wanted to remove this gap," said Bootstaylor.

According to Julia Modeste, Strategic Development Coordinator at See Baby, the medical practice has made extensive use of the latest technology. "In addition to great customer service, we've also employed great technology," said Modeste. See Baby owns the first Mindray DC-7 ultrasound machine in the United States, which is used for fetal 3D/4D ultrasound imaging. SEE BABY is helping Mindray to make the technology applicable. Another technology partner they've used to help streamline their business is Medstreaming, an experienced provider of medical workflow solutions. Recently, SEE BABY has worked closely with Medstreaming by helping them to customize their structured reporting and imaging software to meet SEE BABY's demanding needs, in exceeding the industry standards. In return, Medstreaming developed a robust perinatal application they plan on marketing heavily to other perinatologists.

The company prides itself on being transparent about pricing. You can visit their informative website at and see their listing, which sets a new standard in the medical community. "We are hopeful that healthcare reform will bring about some positive changes in healthcare, but until that time See Baby will do its part to help make affordable quality healthcare accessible to everyone," said Bootstaylor.



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