SAGES 2010: Covidien to showcase technological advancements in bariatric, colorectal and hernia surgery

Covidien (NYSE: COV), a leading global provider of healthcare products, will preview a variety of new devices and showcase some of the Company's most innovative tools for endoscopic surgery and soft tissue repair at the 2010 Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) annual meeting held here.

The featured products represent a comprehensive portfolio of technology-driven solutions that address the ongoing challenges of today's operating room, from logistics and time management to safety and ease of use. Covidien is committed to helping healthcare providers create the optimal environment for both the patient and the surgical team, including a focus on evidence-based, ergonomically enhanced instruments designed to facilitate surgeon performance and improve patient outcomes.

Located at booth 411, Covidien will demonstrate the latest technological advancements for general, bariatric, colorectal and hernia surgery, such as the 2010 Medical Design Excellence Award winning Duet ™ Reload Tissue Reinforcement System. These products include fully articulating instrumentation for SILS™ and other laparoscopic procedures as well as a new generation of stapling devices that can be used in more procedures than ever before. These devices include:

  • Endo GIA™ Reload with Tri-Staple™ Technology ─ a completely new endoscopic stapling system that has been redesigned and re-engineered to meet surgeon and patient needs. Coming to market soon, the Endo GIA™ Reload features proprietary Tri-Staple™ Technology, which provides added convenience with new reloads that can be used in a wider tissue thickness range, enhanced compression and new grasping features for improved tissue maneuverability, a new cartridge design to reduce tissue slippage and improve tissue security within the jaws of the stapler, and specialty reloads to facilitate advanced surgical techniques in thick tissue applications and difficult-to-reach structures.
  • SILS™ Stitch Articulating Suturing Device ─ the only automated suturing device with articulating features and rotating tip to deliver optimal mobility. This unique combination of features takes endoscopic suturing to the next level of performance by offering surgeons maximum control, greater precision and easier access, even at challenging angles of laparoscopic surgery.
  • SILS™ Hand Instruments ─ these latest advancements in endoscopic tissue manipulation enhance the surgeon's flexibility and visualization when performing complex laparoscopic procedures, including SILS™ procedures. Coming to market soon, these instruments comprise the SILS™ Clinch, SILS™ Hook, SILS™ Shears and SILS™ Dissector. Each product offers infinite positions of dynamic articulation and the ability to lock the instrument shaft and angle through an articulation lock lever.
  • SILS™ Port 15mm Multiple Instrument Access Port ─ a new addition to the SILS™ Port product line, expanded to accommodate up to 15mm surgical instruments. The SILS™ Port product line is designed to enable surgeons to perform procedures through a single incision, with the potential for no visible scar when used in the umbilicus. The SILS™ Port 15mm is coming soon and will enable surgeons to use the SILS™ technique with the 15mm instrumentation often required to perform gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, hysterectomy and other procedures.
  • Versaport ™ Bladeless Low Profile Trocars ─ new laparoscopic access trocars that feature optimal design for maneuverability within small spaces. Coming to market soon, this addition to the Versaport Bladeless Trocar portfolio continues the standard in bladeless access for enhanced insertion, control and secure fixation during laparoscopic procedures.
  • AbsorbaTack™ 20 Short Fixation Device ─ an absorbable fixation device that may be used with Covidien's proprietary Parietex™ Composite Open Skirt mesh in addition to other types of mesh for open ventral hernia surgery. The AbsorbaTack™ 20 Short features an easy-to-use 18.5cm short shaft that gives surgeons ergonomic access to the defect site and deploys absorbable tacks without the need for piloting sharps. The innovative device rounds out Covidien's line of absorbable fixation products for all types of hernia repair.
  • LigaSure Advance™ Pistol Grip 5mm-44cm - a multifunctional laparoscopic vessel sealing instrument that may replace commonly used combinations of ligation and dissection type instruments. Coming soon, the new device decreases the need for instrument exchange, potentially reducing operating room and anesthesia time. The new pistol grip device is part of the LigaSure Advance™ line of instruments, which features a monopolar dissection tip on LigaSure vessel sealing jaws.
  • LigaSure™ 5mm Instrument - a new laparoscopic sealing device that features atraumatic grasping and textured jaws, combined with a more parallel jaw closure, for improved grasping capabilities. This instrument also has the longest cutting length (17.8 mm) of any other commercially available 5mm laparoscopic sealing device and a contour tip that facilitates dissection through tissue planes.



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