Sucampo announces completion of lubiprostone phase 3 trial for CIC in Japanese patients

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Sucampo) announced that phase 3 double blind trial of lubiprostone (marketed as AMITIZA (R) in the U.S.) for chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) in Japanese patients has been completed (See Sucampo release dated June 8, 2010).

R-Tech Ueno has an agreement with Sucampo Pharma Ltd. (SPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sucampo, under which it has the exclusive right to manufacture and supply lubiprostone (marketed as AMITIZA (R)in the U.S.) in Japan, Asia, Oceania and other regions (See R-Tech Ueno release dated February 23, 2009).

The above will have no impact on our financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2011.

SOURCE R-Tech Ueno, Ltd.


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