Exmovere to release vital sign monitoring infant sleepwear

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Exmovere Holdings, Inc. (www.exmovere.com), a biomedical engineering company, today announced plans to release vital sign monitoring infant sleepwear. Exmovere is in the advanced stages of taking to market a washable, conductive fabric-based biosensor pajama called "Exmobaby." Exmobaby is the first-ever baby garment developed for remote monitoring of heart rate, emotional state and behavior. Exmovere is actively seeking retail chains, wireless carriers and distributors interested in promoting the product internationally, with an initial focus on countries with high infant mortality rates and countries launching active campaigns to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), including Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Company CEO David Bychkov announced that "Each Exmobaby onesie will come with a baby-safe, rechargeable Zigbee wireless transceiver that snaps into a pouch. From there, the data is transmitted to a nearby PC or cell phone in order to keep parents and other caregivers informed of a baby's status. This continuous monitoring in real time will allow for an 'emotional umbilical cord' between mother and child." 

Exmobaby parents will be able to see icons representing their baby's heartbeat, emotional state and activity level on their cell phones. This is especially important for first-time mothers re-entering the work force, parents concerned about the vigilance of their babysitter, and childcare centers juggling the needs of multiple children. Exmobaby will also be marketed to parents worried about infant sleep apnea, choking and other dangers that relate to SIDS.

For information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on SIDS, visit: http://www.cdc.gov/SIDS/

Exmobaby will also become one of the first mainstream consumer products utilizing the Zigbee wireless standard. Zigbee is a standard using a WHAN (wireless home area network) and is targeted at radio frequency applications requiring lower data rate, longer battery life and network security. This is particularly well-suited for Exmobaby moms as it is cost-effective, reliable and compatible with a wide range of USB and mini SD-slot dongle devices, such as cell phones.

In early 2011, Exmovere will begin its limited edition marketing campaign where it will release only 1,000 Exmobaby pajama kits, available in blue or pink, to select buyers from a waiting list. Included with these kits will be an Exmobaby garment set, one Zigbee transceiver, PC and cell phone monitoring software and six months of online service. The company will be accepting deposits for the limited first run of Exmobaby kits until the 1,000 slots on the waiting list are filled. 

According to Cheyenne Crow, Exmovere Holdings' Vice President and COO, "The company expects to ship the 1,000 kits to potential distributors, resellers and marketing partners worldwide by January 2011. By the third quarter of 2011, we plan to follow up with mass market and medical versions of Exmobaby. These will be marketed through pharmacies, major retailers and various wireless service providers." Exmobaby will also be made available to patients at Exmovere's medical clinic in Fairfax, Virginia, which operates under the brand name Clinica.

A photo accompanying this release can be found at: https://www.issuerdirect.com/corporate/mediaroom/69055.

Exmovere is focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, mobility and security and the practical applications of the study of human emotion. Exmovere is currently the only company that is developing a product for infants from patented conductive biosensor textile technology. On December 9, 2009, Exmovere acquired exclusive worldwide rights and license to manufacture and sell baby garments using biosensor textiles developed by Sensatex, Inc. Exmobaby fits perfectly into Exmovere's overall product suite which is targeted at showing the relationship between data generation of emotional states and their relationship with human behavior. 

Although Exmobaby will be able to immediately assess the vital signs of an infant on first application, its ability for human emotional states to be predictive of human behavior will "learn" and expand over time. Much like the traditional voice recognition software which increases in accuracy over time through trial and error, Exmobaby will become more and more predictive of specific behaviors to specific infants as it becomes "smarter." Exmovere believes that Exmobaby will pave the way for its other products which tie human emotional states with human behaviors and will be indicative of the direction of the company's overall vision. Exmovere, the company's name, means "emotion" in Latin.

For more information on how Exmovere detects emotional states, visit: http://www.exmovere.com/pdf/Exmovere%20Emotions%20Research.pdf.

SOURCE Exmovere Holdings, Inc.


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