NMS Labs launches method for K2 drug metabolites detection in urine

Of growing concern to public health officials and law enforcement is that routine drug testing cannot detect the use of the popular and highly intoxicating new drugs K2 and Spice. NMS Labs now has a full menu of tests that can detect the use of the designer chemicals present in these products, sold as "incense" or "legal highs." A few weeks ago, NMS Labs launched a blood test to detect a range of these laboratory-designed synthetic drugs. Now NMS Labs has expanded the test's reach with the introduction of a urine test for synthetic cannabinoid metabolites of JWH-018 and JWH-073. Test results are confirmed with highly advanced laboratory technology (LC tandem mass spectrometry), ensuring the results are reliable.

NMS Labs Director of Forensic and Toxicological Services, Dr. Barry Logan explained, "We [NMS Labs] believe it was very important to develop a method for detecting common K2 drug metabolites in urine, as it extends the time frame in which the drug's use can be detected. We [NMS Labs] also understand that clients in drug rehabilitation clinics, schools, and drug courts have an easier time obtaining a urine sample than a blood sample from a suspected drug user who knows that traditional tests will miss this drug and are now choosing it over marijuana."

NMS Labs urine test for use of K2 and related substances has been developed through careful in vitro and in vivo studies investigating how the body breaks down and eliminates the major constituents of the abused substance. The addition of urine to blood testing provides flexibility to specimen choice and may avoid potential collection issues. Testing for synthetic cannabinoids can be combined with tests for traditional marijuana use, also performed at NMS Labs. Synthetic cannabinoids have been linked to emergency room admissions, attempted suicides, and impaired driving which is why testing for its use is so important.

Logan notes, "The availability of the drug through gas stations and novelty stores makes it very attractive to younger age groups. More and more people experimenting with the drug are showing up in the emergency rooms or coming into contact with the police. The ability to test for these substances helps explain many of these puzzling cases."

NMS Labs works diligently to provide the most accurate and up to date testing associated with new drug trends. These efforts are routinely used by drug rehabilitation centers, hospitals, reference labs, clinicians and toxicologists who need complete confidence in the legal scrutiny of test results.


: NMS Labs


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