AHF issues call for action against cuts in AIDS funding

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) today issued a call for action after AIDS activists heckled President Barack Obama during a New York City fundraiser last night. The protestors descried the Obama administration's dismal record on AIDS, holding up signs that read "Obama, broken promises KILL." The Obama administration continues to give short shrift to AIDS in the U.S. and abroad. More than 3,400 Americans are on waiting lists to receive lifesaving HIV/AIDS medications through the nation's AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs) and hundreds more are being cut off from receiving medications through the state due to other cost-containment measures. The President has offered a mere $30 million in additional funding to close a gaping $126 million hole in funding for ADAPs—not nearly enough. Additionally, the Obama administration has retreated from its global commitments on AIDS, flat-funding and underfunding its worldwide programs.

“We heard your point…The people who will take over if we don't focus on the election, I promise you, will cut AIDS funding.”

"The administration is spending more in two hours on the war in Afghanistan than it is spending to solve the AIDS drug crisis which is killing Americans here at home," said AHF President Michael Weinstein. "It is time for administration officials to step up to the plate and identify funds to send to cash-strapped ADAPs. President Obama should act like this country's citizens lives depend on it—because they do!"

In response to one activist's criticism of the administration's retreat on global AIDS, President Obama insisted that if the Republicans gain control of Congress the situation would worsen. He said, "We heard your point…The people who will take over if we don't focus on the election, I promise you, will cut AIDS funding."

"The assertion that the Republicans would do worse on AIDS than the current Democratic leadership is simply incorrect," said Weinstein. "After all, it is Republican Senators Coburn and Burr who have introduced bills to solve the nation's ADAP crisis and increase treatment slots for global AIDS patients--- bills which have stalled largely due to lack of Democratic support."


: AIDS Healthcare Foundation


  1. sabio sabio United States says:

    Smaller than requested increases in funding is NOT the same thing as a cut.

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