BioSilta releases EnPresso tablet that regulates protein production in recombinant bacteria

BioSilta announces the release of the EnPresso™ Tablet Cultivation Set, a tabletised form of the patented EnBase® technology. The EnBase technology is based on providing an enzymatic-controlled glucose supply in a fed-batch type manner, which allows an extended growth period and promotes higher final cell density. This methodology regulates the growth of the microbe without oxygen limitation and facilitates more efficient protein production in recombinant Escherichia coli. In addition, EnBase has been used with various microorganisms and in bioprocess scale-up, protein production and optimization, enzyme screening, protein crystallography, plasmid production and brewery contaminant detection.

Now the efficient EnBase technology has become even easier with the pre-sterilised EnPresso tablet. The longer shelf-life tablet can be added directly to sterile water and this instant microbial media is ready for inoculation in a shaking incubator.

EnBase technology allows the efficient cell cultivation of recombinant bacteria in small-scale experiments. With the increased yield and ease-of-use obtained in the EnBase media, many typical experiments can be scaled down to increase laboratory testing capacity and effectiveness. EnBase can be used in microwell plates, deep well plates, shake flasks and even in small-scale and disposable bioreactors.




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