Jamieson releases flu-fighting formula with echinacea

FluShield™ provides major breakthrough in immune-boosting natural medicines

Jamieson Laboratories, Canada's largest manufacturer of advanced natural-health products, announced the release of FluShield™, a clinically proven flu-fighting formula that is made with a patented, next-generation echinacea extract known as LPx3.

Echinacea, a traditional herbal medicine that has been long recognized for its immune-stimulating powers, is the most common nutraceutical used in Canada to prevent the flu and common cold. Consumers spend more than $12 million on formulas containing the native North American wildflower in hopes of minimizing the impact of flu, which afflicts 10% to 25% of Canadians each year. Echinacea sales continue to grow at an annual rate of 7%, making it the fastest-growing herbal category in Canada.

"I've visited the LPx3 fields and manufacturing facility and understand why, after 10 years of development, LPx3 is one of the most effective flu-prevention natural medicines available," says Bryce Wylde, Canada's leading alternative-health expert. "People who use echinacea formulas to boost immunity will instantly recognize the power of LPx3. For anyone who's never tried echinacea, LPx3 will be a revelation in flu prevention."

Exclusively grown and produced in Italy, LPx3 is an advanced form of Echinacea angustifolia chosen from among 40 plant genotypes for its unique potency and effectiveness. Through selective breeding, the plant's medicinal compounds — immune-boosting polysaccharides — have been augmented and concentrated in the roots, resulting in a one-of-a-kind cultivar. Laboratory data on LPx3's broad spectrum of echinacea compounds prove that it is more effective at turning on the body's important disease-fighting cells, which makes it superior at preventing flu compared to Echinacea purpurea or Echinacea pallida.

"LPx3 is a breakthrough in natural medicine," says Gary Leong, Jamieson's Vice President, Scientific & Technical Affairs. "With LPx3, we've taken a superior natural source and used state-of-the-art science to turn it into the world's most advanced immune-boosting supplement."

LPx3 stands apart because of triple standardization, a pharmaceutical process that captures the most beneficial compounds and removes immune-suppressing isobutylamides, which commonly occur in other echinacea formulas. "Isobutylamides in commercial formulas can inhibit up to 50% of the body's immune-boosting T cells," notes Wylde. "If you don't remove them, echinacea can have a paradoxical effect on the immune response."

In Canada, Jamieson FluShield™ is the only NPN-approved, flu-defence product that contains LPx3 echinacea. Like all Jamieson products, FluShield™ is manufactured according to 360 Pure, which guarantees a minimum of 360 quality-assurance steps that ensure safety, purity, raw-material traceability and consistent active potency.




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