Teenage autistic boy allowed sex change procedure

A 16 year old autistic schoolboy has been granted approval to begin treatment for a sex change. He will have the provision to have his sperm frozen in case he decides he wants children. The decision came from Family Court judge Justice Linda Dessau on an emergency application from the boy’s parents so that he can begin therapy before his puberty fully sets in.

The boy “O” suffers mild Asperger’s syndrome was decided to be mature enough to know what he wanted said Justice Dessau. There have been similar cases in the past where the court allowed a sex change operation. In case of O, he has a loving family who “adore and respect him”. He also has a 14-year-old sister who is also supportive. His wish to have his sex change was so strong that he was getting suicidal said the Judge. Justice Dessau said, “There is no doubt, on the evidence, that he is struggling and suffering enough with the momentous issues he has had to face...Despite the combined complexities of O’s youth, the depression and anxiety that he has suffered, and the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, the consensus among all the professionals was that he is capable of making, and has made, an informed decision.” At age 14, he told his parents he was revolted by his body and wanted to become female.

The judge has held the case in secrecy to protect the boy’s identity. She has not only suppressed his name, but also those of his lawyers, his doctors, the hospital where he will have his treatment, the city in which the court sat and the file number of the case.

Dr. Ananya Mandal

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Dr. Ananya Mandal

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  1. Tammy Swarek Tammy Swarek United States says:

    I have thought about this so many times since I first saw it.  No one but his family truly knows him or to what degree his Autism/Aspergers challenges his understanding of the decisions he is making.  What makes me sad is the thought that he might still look in that mirror and see something he hates worse.  

    He is very lucky to have such a supportive and understanding family behind him.  My hat's off to them, I wish them good luck and I will definitely keep him in my prayers.

    Tammy Swarek

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