Trial to eliminate deadly Dengue begins

The 12 week programme costing $18 million named ‘Eliminate Dengue’ has commenced. Mosquitoes bearing a special bacteria would be released into the wild around Cairns as part of a trial to rid the area of the insects that carry Dengue fever.

Dengue infects 50 million to 100 million people each year leading to a serious fever with severe muscle pain which may often be fatal. Dengue still has no effective cure. Dengue fever is not common in Australia, but last year 1,000 Cairns residents got the disease. About 40 mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria will be released at every fourth home at Yorkeys Knob and Gordonvale in the next 12 weeks.

University of Queensland biologist Scott O’Neill explained that the Aedes aegypti mosquito population would carry the Wolbachia bacterium that acts as a “vaccine” protecting it from viruses, including Dengue virus, and stopping transmission to people. Further the bacterium would be transmitted from mosquito parent to offspring via the female’s eggs. It is harmless to mammals and humans. Wolbachia is a naturally occurring bacterium that is found in up to 70 per cent of all insect species, including many mosquitoes and is harmless to the environment.

A CSIRO assessment found the risk to people was “negligible”, and the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority granted regulatory approval for the trial. Professor O’Neill who is leading the international project said, “By April, we should know if we are on the right track or not.” This year after the initial phase trials would commence in Vietnam and Thailand.

The funds have come from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said Professor O’Neill. Additional funding came from Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council, the Queensland government and the University of Toronto. The State Government has contributed $1.95 million to the program.

Dr. Ananya Mandal

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Dr. Ananya Mandal

Dr. Ananya Mandal is a doctor by profession, lecturer by vocation and a medical writer by passion. She specialized in Clinical Pharmacology after her bachelor's (MBBS). For her, health communication is not just writing complicated reviews for professionals but making medical knowledge understandable and available to the general public as well.


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  1. David David Australia says:

    Looks like no one in Cairns cares that they now have GMO vaccine engineered mosquitoes bitting them; funded by the publicly announced eugenicist Bill Gates who admits that he wants to reduce the world population with vaccines!

    Look for yourself!

  2. Rogered Citizen Rogered Citizen United States says:

    Another swine flu, bird flu, SARS fantasy epidemic and another excuse for the state to intrude into the lives of the citizenry. In this case the intrusion is via needle.

    Further proof that modern democracy is totalitarianism that (appears to) care.

  3. Simon Simon Australia says:

    I would worry too much about these little biters, Its a great idea in theory but.....I live in cairns and the council spray the worst areas weekly with poison to keep the mozzy numbers down.

    The problem with that is the mozzy's  have been released in these same areas, so the council have come along and sprayed these new super mozzy's! So they all die.

    You have to remember this is a state that introduced Cane Toads to keep the bugs down, now the state in carpeted by these same toads. They have eaten some of the bugs before turning on the native frogs.

    Some people only think one move ahead on a chess board.

    • Liam Liam Australia says:

      Notice the mosquitoes always come back. They have an amazing ability to reproduce so whenever we kill some it is never enough. That is why short-sighted attempts at eradication fail.

      This one is different. We release the super mozzies, if they are sprayed they won't all die, like the regular ones don't all die, but because they reproduce better they take over and replace the old ones.  

  4. Liam Liam Australia says:

    The mosquitoes are not genetically modified and there is no vaccine or needle involved, learn to read. As for the viruses: If you have trouble beliving in anything you can't see, why do you still cling to this invisible conspiracy? They are not intruding into people's lives they are wiping out a family of viruses that like to kill children by causing them to bleed out of every orifice. I call that pretty intrusive.

    The passage misquoted from Bill Gates is simply talking about giving developing countries the same access to birth control we do in the West. This will help them manage their populations so that they have enough food to go around.

    This is a great project that promises to rid the world of a terrible disease. I hope it goes well.

    • Not Important Not Important United States says:

      Track records, evidence, documented facts, connections in public and private... I would say what you label a "theory" is a proven fact.

      You should also learn to read, although this time, alternative media and whistle blower pages and please get the head out of the sand before you find your self 6 feet under the same.

    • chris chris Australia says:

      This is the same Bill Gates that is now the subject of international controversy for his recent public presentation where he stated that he hoped to REDUCE the world's population through the judicious use of those same vaccines. Do you know what the word reduce means? Let me type it again - Gates publicly, for the record, no doubt about it, admitted, said, stated, told the audience that he wanted to REDUCE THE POPULATION THROUGH THE USE OF VACCINES.  HELLOWWWW! ARE WE GETTING THROUGH YET!!! Mossies sponsored by Gates, with paid research and owned corporate scientist shills like O'Niell (now a confirmed traitor through this sycophancy) ready to say anything to convince dumb ass, swallow anything with a ribbon on it, he can't be bad he gave us Windows, sheep like you.  

      Tell you what - head off down your local GP and get yourself a syringe full of Gatesy's squalene laced pig flu vaccine so when the real virus is released we'll be spared any more of your corporate propaganda sucking ignorance, fool...

    • David David Australia says:

      I did not quote a passage from Gates; instead provided a link to a YouTube video showing him talking to a forum about reducing human population numbers, using vaccines, 'health care', reproductive health (i.e. abortion). Here is another link about the Gates Foundation funding sterilization; sounds like healthcare to me! Don't you love it how when you become stinking rich you feel the urge to help humanity! Such beautiful philanthropist!

      Gates Foundation Suggests Sterilizing Males with Ultrasound

  5. SoylentGreen SoylentGreen Australia says:

    Excellent. Now we have a vector for my zombie plague that even the MSM can not argue with. Arghhhhhh. Braaaiiinnnsss.

    Anything that lowers the human population is good. This will measure will just ensure more humans are available for cannibalism when the food runs out. Stupid humans.

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