TS Wiley develops HRT protocol using Idiom Decision Manager tool

The Wiley Protocol(R) is a trademarked, patent protected bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) delivery system consisting of biomimetic estradiol and progesterone in a topical cream preparation – dosed to mimic the natural hormones produced by a woman's body when she was in her prime. The Wiley Protocol is the brainchild of TS Wiley, a popular author and frequent speaker at medical seminars around the world.

What is really special about the Wiley Protocol is not chemicals or hormones or other 'inventions' that the big pharmaceuticals like to spend billions patenting – the Wiley Protocol hormones are bio-identical, which means that they are the same as those produced by your own body – nothing patentable there (and anyway, would you really want unnatural chemicals playing around with your body)!

The really special part of the Wiley Protocol is the empathetic way that these hormones are administered. TS Wiley has spent decades researching just how your body uses these powerful natural hormones so that they can be administered in just the right doses, and at just the right times, to ensure that your body responds to the smallest amounts and gets the most benefit with the least stress. Other approaches can be like using a crane and wrecker's ball to tap a picture hook into your lounge wall – the picture hook might get tapped in, but there is lots of 'collateral damage'.

The secret of the Wiley Protocol is really about getting the timing and dosage right for your body at this precise moment – timing and dosage, two important decisions that it takes decades of research, experience, and skill to be able to make correctly. Even your local Doctor probably doesn't have these skills if he or she is not trained in the Wiley Protocol.

That's why doctors are flocking to TS Wiley's seminars. In order to be able to teach medical professionals around the world, TS Wiley has looked hard at her years of research, what she has learnt, and how she makes these critical decisions – timing and dosage – time and time again. But addressing the complexity of each person's individual circumstances cannot easily be reduced to a simple recipe.

So TS Wiley contacted Idiom Limited, a New Zealand based decision automation tool vendor. Idiom's decision designers are experts at analyzing and modeling complex decision making using the Idiom Decision Manager(TM). Idiom Decision Manager(TM) is a graphical, drag+drop tool that is easy to use, allowing knowledge experts to design, capture, test, document, and deploy automated decision making know-how. Idiom Decision Manager(TM) was used by Idiom's decision designers to build 'decision models' that accurately captured the complex knowledge and experience that underlies the Wiley Protocol.

By working with Idiom, TS Wiley was able to not just 'see' her complex decision making in the form of decision models, but she was also able to test it for completeness, consistency, and correctness. And then she could print it out in a generated English language document – just what she needed to support her successful US patent application. And Idiom Decision Models can also be generated into the computer language of choice at the press of a button, for deployment onto any platform – look for the Wiley Protocol online soon via your mobile phone or browser.

Pure knowledge representing years of research in the form of 'decision models', captured, tested, documented and now patented as US Patent 7,879,830 – that's breaking new ground!




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