AAWC develops series of brochures in Spanish for skin care and treatment of wounds

The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) has developed three educational brochures for the care of skin and treatment of wounds. Widely used by clinicians as a resource for patients and their caregivers, AAWC recently converted the brochures into Spanish due to popular demand.

The AAWC's objective is to develop a series of brochures, spanning several types of skin care topics and wound disorders. Currently, the association has available the following brochures:

  • The ABC's of Skin and Wound Care, which addresses the care of abrasions, bruises, cuts and skin tears.  (EL ABC del Cuidado de la Piely las Heridas)
  • The Skin You're In, which helps one understand how to protect the skin from the climate and environment. (La piel en la que estás)
  • Dress and Compress for Success – a guide to help one take a proactive role in healing his or her venous ulcer. (Cubrir y Comprimir para Sanar)

"The brochures are invaluable, containing useful information for those who suffer not only with a skin issue but also with a low budget. Many clinics and hospitals display them within their facilities. The great part is that while they can be purchased from AAWC, the brochures are also available to download and print free of charge without permission," states Terry Treadwell, M.D., FACS and AAWC President.

AAWC Executive Director Tina Thomas explained, "We highly recommend all healthcare providers – everyone from surgeons to physical therapists to school nurses – to utilize these clear and concise documents, which break down the latest science into easy-to-read language."


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