Olympus offers new stones retrieval products

The innovative stone retrieval portfolio by Olympus is the surgical option of choice for managing kidney and ureteral stones. Olympus designed a complete product set to answer the surgeon's needs for a smoother, gentler, faster and more cost-effective procedure.

Over the last years, the equipment for endoscopy and training of ureteroscopy has improved significantly. The shift from ESWL to ureteroscopy is evident.

Therefore Olympus now offers the complete "all-in-one" package to surgeons.

The ureteroscope (URF-V), the first video-ureteroscope available offers a crystal clear 300% enlarged picture to fully analyse the symptomatic at hand and operate more precisely.

The device is equipped with 180° and 270° up-and-down deflection angles. It is designed to mirror the anatomy and provide complete access, even to the more difficult to reach lower poles. Due to the tube rotation function the URF-V features extremely easy, ergonomic handling and good manoeuvrability.

The latest NBI technique enables a better diagnosis of suspicious structures and simulates a 3D view of the mucosa for the detection of all present carcinoma in situ.

Olympus offers now the newest development of stones retrieval basket after the take over of Gyrus ACMI: the Sur-Catch Retrieval NT basket. It is composed of Nitinol to make the procedure safer as the material transforms.

The tipless and multi wire design of the basket, permit the removal of all stones in one procedure without trauma the tissue.

Olympus supplies the complete portfolio from access devices such as Access Sheath and Guidewires to Seals and Stents. The Access Sheath is tailor-made to fit the URF-V. Even with multiple stone fragments the Access Sheath stays in place and on the one hand protects the tissue around the ostia and ureter from damage, due to multiple scope insertions and on the other hand helps extend the scope life.

Conclusion: Olympus offers the best diagnostic options driven by outstandingly advanced imaging technology. This powerful treatment solution simplifies the procedure, permits a potential recovery of all stones in one short procedure and therefore improves the stone- free rate and virtually obviate hospital stays.

Interview with Olivier Traxer, Professor of Urology, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

How fast do patients recover who were treated with the SUR-Catch NT retrieval basket?
At my institution, 95% of patients are discharged the day after surgery. It's also feasible to do one-day procedures.

Does the basket retrieve all stones from the kidney and ureter?
Yes, but you have to be patient to spend the time necessary to remove them. Fragments less than 1 mm are difficult to remove.

What are the advantages of the Access Sheath and dilator?
These instruments have two advantages: They facilitate multiple entries from the kidney and decrease intra-renal pressure in relation to irrigation. The second advantage is that they increase the stone-free status rate, protect the flexible endoscope and also save time.




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