AGA's cutting-edge research on GI disorders to be presented at DDW 2011

Advances highlight progress being made in the treatment and research of GI disorders

Clinicians, researchers and scientists from around the world will gather for Digestive Disease Week- (DDW) 2011, the largest and most prestigious gastroenterology meeting, from May 7-10, 2011, at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. DDW, which is jointly sponsored by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Institute, the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, is the annual meeting of the AGA Institute.

AGA researchers will present exciting, cutting-edge data during the meeting that will help change the way physicians diagnose and treat GI disorders. All data presented during DDW is embargoed until the beginning of the presentation or an official DDW press conference, whichever occurs first. A list of press conferences is available at

Late-Breaking Session

On May 10, 8:30 a.m. CT, Room S406B, the AGA will feature its late-breaking clinical abstracts, which include exciting data on:

  • Effects of A3309, an Ileal Bile Acid Transporter Inhibitor, on Colonic Transit and Symptoms in Patients with Functional Constipation (Abstract #908). B. S. Wong et al.
  • High Sustained Virologic Response (SVR) Among Genotype 1 Previous Non-Responders and Relapsers to Peginterferon/Ribavirin When Re-treated with Boceprevir (BOC) Plus Peginterferon Alfa-2A/Ribavirin (Abstract #903). S. L. Flamm et al.
  • Increased Risk of New or Missed Colorectal Cancers After Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Compared with Colonoscopy among Older Patients in the United States: A Population-Based Analysis of the SEER-Medicare Linked Database, 1998-2005 (Abstract #906). Y. R. Wang et al.
  • Obtaining SVR to Antiviral Therapy Highly Protects Patients with HCV Recurrence on the Graft after Liver Transplantation from Liver Related Death: Insights from the AISF-RECOLT-C Group (Abstract #905). M. Rendina et al.
  • Telaprevir-Based Regimens Substantially Improved SVR Rates Across All IL28B Genotypes in the ADVANCE Trial (Abstract #904). I. M. Jacobson et al.
  • Teduglutide, a Novel Analogue of Glucagon-like Peptide 2 (GLP-2), Is Effective and Safe in Reducing Parenteral Support Volume in Short Bowel Syndrome-Intestinal Failure Subjects: Results From a 24-Week, Placebo-Controlled Phase 3 Trial (STEPS) (Abstract #907). P. B. Jeppesen et al.

Plenary Sessions

During the Presidential Plenary Session, AGA Institute President, Ian L. Taylor, MD, PhD, AGAF, will focus on the latest research and clinical advances in the field of gastroenterology. Two additional plenary sessions feature noteworthy clinical and basic science research presented at DDW.

The Presidential Plenary Session presentations (May 9, 10 a.m. CT, Room S100AB) include:

  • Colon Cancer Screening. D. Provenzale.
  • Hepatitis C in Minority Populations. A. E. Reid.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease. S. R. Targan.
  • Endoscopic Ultrasound. R. H. Hawes.
  • The Brain-Gut Axis in Chronic GI Disease. E. A. Mayer.
  • The Role of Inflammation in the Causation of GI Cancers. S. E. Crowe.
  • Type II Diabetes Is a GI Disease and Should be Treated by Gastroenterologists. I. L. Taylor.
  • Impact of Health Reform on GI. J. V. Brill.
  • Towards Digestivism. P. B. Cotton.

The Basic Science Plenary Session presentations (May 8, 2:15 p.m. CT, Room S404) include:

  • Regeneration of Damaged Colonic Tissue by Transplantation of Colonic Epithelial Stem Cells Maintained and Expanded in Vitro (Abstract #534). S. Yui et al.
  • Neurotensin (NT) Receptor 1 (NTR1)-MicroRNA Networks in Human Colon Epithelial Cells. Characterization of Novel Pathways Connecting Neurotensin and Tumor Growth (Abstract #535). K. Bakirtzi et al.
  • Stem Cells, Growth Factor Signaling Pathways and Colon Cancer. R. J. Coffey.
  • A Chimeric Vaccine Prevents Primary and Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infection (Abstract #536). H. Feng et al.
  • Restoration of Adult-Like Colonic Motility in Aged Transgenic Mice Expressing Phosphomimic HSP27 (Abstract #537). S. Somara et al.

The Clinical Plenary Session presentations (May 9, 8:30 CT, Room S105) include:

  • A Prospective Clinical Trial Shows that Intravenous N-acetylcysteine (NAC) Does Not Improve Survival in Pediatric Patients with Non-Acetaminophen Acute Liver Failure (Abstract #622). R. Squires et al.
  • Functional Disability and Informal Caregiving Among Older Patients with Decompensated Cirrhosis: An Analysis of the Health and Retirement Study (Abstract #623). M. O. Rakoski et al.
  • Abnormal Cerebral Hemodynamics in Hepatic Cirrhosis and Encephalopathy (Abstract #624). M. Green et al.
  • Telaprevir-Based Regimen in Genotype 1 Hepatitis C Virus-Infected Patients with Prior Null Response, Partial Response or Relapse to Peginterferon/Ribavirin: REALIZE Trial Final Results (Abstract #625). P. Pockros et al.
  • Anemia Had No Effect on Efficacy Outcomes in Treatment-Na-ve Patients Who Received Telaprevir-Based Regimen in the ADVANCE and ILLUMINATE Phase 3 Studies (Abstract #626). F. Poordad et al.
  • Antiviral Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus Is Associated with a Reduced Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a National Cohort of U.S. Veterans (Abstract #627). J. R. Kramer et al.

Other exciting data will be presented during DDW, including 31 clinical symposia, 20 translational symposia, 11 research symposia and seven state-of-the-art lectures on a range of GI topics. Additionally, the AGA Institute will sponsor four curbside consultant sessions. A total of 11 focused research roundtables and focused clinical updates - breakfast sessions designed to help participants choose the must-see basic science and clinical research abstracts presented during DDW - will occur throughout the meeting.

Foreign Language Sessions

We are excited to announce that this year, the AGA will offer sessions at DDW entirely in Spanish and Japanese. At The Best of AGA at DDW: En Espa-ol, presenters will highlight clinical advances from 2010 to 2011 and at DDW in inflammatory bowel disease, liver and pancreatic diseases, and endoscopic therapies, in Spanish (May 10, 2:15 p.m. CT, Room S405). Topics include hepatitis, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer, intestinal inflammatory illness, new developments in endoscopy, and esophageal disease.

The Japanese language program will showcase some of the best abstracts submitted to DDW 2011 from Japan (May 10, 2:15 p.m. CT, Room S402), including:

  • Regeneration of Damaged Colonic Tissue by Transplantation of Colonic Epithelial Stem Cells Maintained and Expanded in Vitro (Abstract #534r). S. Yui et al.
  • Intestinal Epithelial Cells with Impaired Autophagy Lose their Adhesive Capacity in the Presence of TNF-α (Abstract #422r). M. Saito et al.
  • Suppressive Effects of Pioglitazone, A PPAR Gamma Ligand, on Colorectal Carcinogenesis Induced in Obese KK-Ay Mice by Azoxymethane (Abstract #410r). A. Yanaka et al.
  • Efficacy and Safety of Acotiamide (Z-338) Administered Orally for Four Weeks in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia: Results From a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase III Trial in Japan (Abstract #122r). K. Matsueda et al.
  • Oral Intake Oligosaccharide Synthase Decrease HbA1c in Diabetes Patients, Randomized Double Blind Placebo Control Trial-Intestinal Flora and Effect Forecast (Abstract #124r). M. Sasaki et al.
  • A Study of the Efficacy of Proton Pump Inhibitors in Treating Upper Abdominal Symptoms (Abstract #374r). T. Kamada et al.

Trainee and Young GI Track

To address the needs of physicians new to the field, the AGA is introducing a trainee and young GI track at DDW. The track consists of exciting new sessions that provide the necessary tools and information for a successful clinical practice career:

  • Mentor and Advisor Networking Reception (May 7, 5:45 p.m. CT, CC11A, Hyatt Regency McCormick) - presents an opportunity for attendees to network and interact with peers and colleagues.
  • Board Review Session (May 8, 1:45 p.m. CT, Room E451B) - will prepare attendees for the board certification exam using AGA's popular Digestive Diseases Self-Education Program- (DDSEP) 6. DDSEP editors and authors will cover select questions, answers and critiques from the book.
  • Career- and Professional-Related Issues (May 8, 5:45 p.m. CT, Room E451B) - provides practical advice on how to address common career and professional issues. Topics include choosing a practice type and location, developing an effective CV, learning how to interview successfully, negotiating contracts, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Immediate Advancement in Skills for Teaching (May 10, 8:30 a.m. CT, Room S505) - offers expert insight on how to successfully pursue a teacher/clinician educator career path; uses questions and vignettes to engage attendees in discussions about how to deliver effective presentations, use team-building learning techniques and manage small-group dynamics.
  • Advance Your Leadership Skills: How to Rise to a Position of Leadership in Gastroenterology or Hepatology (May 10, 10:30 a.m. CT, Room S505) - helps participants develop a leadership growth plan, learn how to recognize steps for success and avoid issues, improve interpersonal communication skills, practice challenging decision-making, and more.
  • Immediate Advancement in Skills for Clinical Practice (May 10, 2:15 p.m. CT, Room S505) - presents essential skills, including practice management and managerial skills, for building a successful clinical practice career. Topics cover how to deal with support staff, understanding the financial stresses and benefits of clinical practice, and more.


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