Genetic ID introduces new 96-well extraction kit for isolation of pure DNA

Genetic ID, the global leader in GMO identification, introduces its new FAST ID 96-Well Extraction Kit for isolation of exceptionally pure DNA from a variety of agricultural and food products.

Wide variety of samples
Unlike many DNA extraction kits, FAST ID 96-Well Extraction Kit is applicable for a wide range of simple and complex sample types, including seeds, plants, bacteria, animal tissue, and blood. The new 96-well extraction format allows for DNA extraction in a high throughput manner.

Molecular biology applications
FAST ID 96-Well Extraction Kit contains all the features of Genetic ID's highly efficient FAST ID DNA Extraction Kit. Using proprietary formulas of reagents, FAST ID allows significantly higher quality PCR efficiency in less time, compared to other DNA extraction kits. Extracted and purified genomic DNA is suitable for multiple downstream molecular biology applications, such as PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) amplification, restriction digestion, cloning, and sequencing.

Simple, easy protocol
The FAST ID 96-Well DNA Extraction Kit offers the same easy and rapid protocol now in a high throughput configuration. Additionally, the FAST ID kit design allows for processing in an automated or semi-automated format.

USDA-ARS recognizes superiority of FAST ID
The superior efficiency of FAST ID DNA Extraction Kit was recognized by scientists at the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service and Oregon State University. In the article "Microsatellite-Based Fingerprinting of Western Blackberries from Plants, IQF Berries and Puree", the authors stated "The FAST ID Kit worked better than two other DNA extraction methods for isolating DNA from IQF berries and from frozen and thawed concentrate." Further, the paper's authors wrote, "The FAST ID kit was the only DNA isolation technique that generated easy to amplify DNA irrespective of tissue source. Therefore, we recommend the FAST ID kit for extracting DNA from blackberry berry tissue, leaves or concentrates."

Global leader in GMO testing
Genetic ID developed the Fast ID 96-Well DNA Extraction Kit based on more than 15 years' experience in GMO detection. The company's DNA-based technology detects all commercialized GMOs and precisely detects and quantifies genetically modified material in a wide range of raw crops and processed foods. Genetic ID's method has been proven on tens of thousands of samples for major food and agricultural companies worldwide.

Source: Genetic ID


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