White Smile Global introduces new at-home, foaming teeth whitening product

White Smile Global Inc. (OTCBB: WSML) introduces the White Smile Complete™ Oral Foam featuring Dual Oxygen-Infused Technology™.

The sparkling white smile that consumers have always dreamed of is now a "sensitivity-free" reality thanks to a new at-home, foaming teeth whitening product by White Smile Global Inc.  Its new patent-pending White Smile Complete™ Dual Oxygen-Infused Technology™ teeth whitening foam is extremely easy to use, and requires no trays and no strips. This two-part, foaming whitening system includes a cleaning and whitening foam, comprised of an all-natural formula, without hydrogen peroxide, that is simply brushed onto teeth twice daily.  Designed to be used instead of tooth pastes, which contain harmful abrasives that over time thin the enamel of the tooth surface. This revolutionary new product was created by the company's world renown biochemist.

"We are very proud to introduce this new product to the market, and we are excited to be announcing shortly our distribution channels where consumers will be able to purchase this product as well as our other patent pending products we have introduced over the past few weeks," states White Smile Global Inc. CEO Omar Ahmadzai.

The White Smile Complete™ Dual Oxygen-Infused Technology™ teeth whitening foam system has a two-part formula that provides both true stain removal and whitening – and therefore it is designed to achieve longer lasting results. This advanced product provides exactly the same kind of results as a dental laser whitening, but in a much safer fashion because its detergent containing cleaning formula pre-treats and removes teeth stains before the whitening foam brightens the whitens the dental enamel. The secret to the technology is the fact that it is a true foam, infused with oxygen, that has the ability to penetrate much faster than pastes or gels, so the results are achieved lightening fast.

We hail this product as the next generation of daily oral care, this new concept was created by White Smile Global Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Martin Giniger DMD, PhD, MsD, FICD.  "The unique White Smile Complete™ Oral Foam teeth whitening foam system has a 95% success rate and is an affordable alternative to professional teeth whitening treatments." He continues, "Consumers will be interested to know that peroxide has no capacity to remove stains, it only slowly and painfully lightens some stains. Our product actually removes the stains by utilizing our dual oxygen infused technology, which is an effervescent complete foam which combined with the step two teeth whitening foam, is designed to make teeth as naturally white as they can be. We have developed a product that is safe for everyone to use, even for those consumers who have tried whitening before but found it too painful. The easy to understand instructions guide you step-by-step on applying the White Smile Complete™ system using only a toothbrush."

The two part kit contains one 50 ml bottle of the (step one) deep cleaning foam and one 50 ml bottle of the peroxide-free whitening foam (step two). The exclusive "oxygen-infused foaming" delivery system makes sure that all the active ingredients are delivered around consumer's teeth perfectly, without need for difficult to use trays or strips. No other whitening treatment kit uses foaming technology like it.


White Smile Global Inc.


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