Evergreen utilizes spinal navigation system for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion procedure

Evergreen Hospital, a statewide leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, today announced it had completed the first minimally invasive spinal surgery procedure in the region using a state-of-the-art spine navigation system.

Evergreen's Dr. Jeffrey Roh used the surgical technology for the first time on March 26 in a Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) procedure, which is a surgical method used to remove a disc from between two vertebrae and then fuse them back together.

The spinal navigation system, developed by medical technology company Stryker, is an image-based technology that allows surgeons to use scans of a patient's anatomy for enhanced visualization, and allows the surgeon to track the exact position of surgical instruments through the system's navigation camera, allowing for more precise screw placement, among other benefits.

"At Evergreen, we are always seeking ways to provide the best clinical care and an exceptional patient experience. Minimally invasive approaches to surgery are at the forefront of this intent," said Evergreen Healthcare CEO Bob Malte. "The skill and leadership our physicians are providing with this innovative approach to spine surgeries is an example of how we continue to push the envelope for providing leading-edge care. We take great pride in their achievements, and our patients receive the benefits."

Minimally invasive spine surgery has traditionally presented more challenges due to the extreme sensitivity and proximity of nerves in the spine. This technology increases the accuracy and precision of spinal procedures and allows more patients to benefit from minimally invasive surgery, which results in smaller incisions, less tissue damage, less bleeding and quicker recovery.

"With the advent of minimally invasive techniques in spinal surgery, we have been afforded a unique opportunity to utilize technologies such as Stryker's computer-assisted spinal navigation system in order to improve the accuracy, and therefore, safety of the procedures we perform through very small incisions," said Dr. Roh. "Not only is computer-assisted spinal navigation surgery more precise and accurate, in conjunction with minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, it will ensure that Evergreen Hospital continues to be a leader in cutting-edge spinal care."


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