Orthopedic care: an interview with Dereesa Purtell Reid, CEO of Hoag Orthopedic Institute

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How has orthopedic care changed over time?

Similar to other surgical procedures, orthopedic surgery continues to progress toward more minimally invasive surgical techniques, with shorter inpatient length of stays and new opportunities for some procedures to shift to the outpatient care setting.

What have been the main improvements in orthopedic care and what hurdles do you think still need to be overcome?

Value based purchasing is setting a new gold standard among providers nationally. We now have transparency and comparable data across providers with the submission of quality measures and HCAHPS (patient satisfaction) scores. Data transparency drives performance to higher levels.

Managing costs while maintaining outstanding clinical quality and patient satisfaction will continue to be a challenge for everyone.

How has minimally invasive surgery changed orthopedic care?

We are seeing a growing number of orthopedic surgeons nationwide who are adopting the anterior surgical approach for hip replacement.

In the world of spine, minimally invasive spine techniques are becoming more prevalent which will shift volume from an inpatient to an outpatient setting – and lower the cost of care.

You have recently been appointed as the CEO of Hoag Orthopedic Institute. Please can you give a brief introduction to the institute?

Hoag Orthopedic Institute (HOI) which includes a 70 bed inpatient orthopaedic hospital and two ambulatory surgeries located in Orange County, California opened in November 2010.

In less than two years, HOI has received national recognition as one of the top orthopedic hospitals in the nation.

Earlier this year, HOI published its first edition of HOI Clinical Outcomes book which can be viewed electronically at www.HOIoutcomes.com.

What are Hoag Orthopedic Institute’s goals?

To continue our journey as a trusted leader in orthopedic medicine based on superior clinical outcomes, innovation and patient value.

How does Hoag Orthopedic Institute compare to other speciality orthopedic healthcare facilities?

In comparison to other top orthopedic healthcare facilities, HOI ranks similar in volume of procedures (over 10,000 per year) and ranks in the top tier of clinical outcomes.

What plans do you have in your new role as CEO?

HOI is less than 3 years old, so we are still scaling our infrastructure and refining our processes.

As with all hospital CEOs, we must continue to look for ways to drive down cost and evolve our organizations to meet the demands of healthcare reform and population care management.

HOI has been an early adopter of orthopaedic bundled payment. We are also focused on the wellness aspect - how can HOI provide education and preventive orthopaedic care.

What do you think the future holds for orthopedic care?

Orthopedic care is predicted to grow due to an aging population and the increased incidence of obesity.

Population management offers new opportunities to fulfil our mission to restore, improve, and enhance the health and mobility of individuals with musculoskeletal conditions and diseases.

Shifting from a sickness model to a wellness, prevention model of care is the future.

Also, registries will grow in importance as we track outcomes for longer periods of time nationally and perhaps internationally.

Orthopedic registries will glean new information about the effectiveness of orthopaedic surgery in restoring patients to their desired mobility as well as offer new insights for research and cost innovation.

How important do you think personalized medicine will be in the future of orthopedic care?

Personalized medicine in orthopaedic care is likely to be focused on early intervention and growing patient education and patient accountability. For instance, osteoporosis prevention starts early in life.

Taking personal responsibility for maintaining a healthy weight not only preserves joints but in the cases that require surgery it improves surgical outcomes and functionality.

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About Dereesa Purtell Reid

Dereesa Purtell Reid BIG IMAGEDereesa Purtell Reid, MBA, CPA, joined Hoag Orthopedic Institute (HOI) in 2011 and serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Ms. Reid is an industry expert in the areas of operations, strategic planning, and financial management with integrated healthcare delivery systems.

As a senior executive, Ms. Reid has demonstrated leadership and success in hospital administration, physician practice management, and managed care network development and operations.

Ms. Reid oversees the entire spectrum of daily functions for HOI, including the supervision of operations, as well as strategic financial management.

Prior to joining HOI, Ms. Reid served as Assistant VP at Covenant Health System (CHS) in Texas. CHS is a large multi-campus, integrated health system and is a ministry of St. Joseph Health System of Orange. Serving with CHS since 2005, Ms. Reid established the Covenant Neuroscience Institute, the orthopedic service line, and the Revenue Cycle Excellence team.

Prior to CHS, Ms. Reid led University Medical Center Health System, a teaching hospital based in Texas, as VP of Manage Care and Strategic Planning.

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