EKF Diagnostics introduces new version of Lactate Scout+ analyzer

Built-in hematocrit compensation delivers high accuracy lactate analysis

EKF Diagnostics, the global diagnostics business, announces the launch of the new version of its Lactate Scout+ analyzer. Initially developed to provide coaches and athletes with a precise and easy-to-use mobile lactate test, Lactate Scout’s additional features and functionality – including hematocrit compensation – now mean the device can be used in new medical applications.

The in-built compensation for hematocrit (Hct) within Lactate Scout+ ensures accurate lactate measurements even at high (>50%) or low (<35%) Hct levels. The new analyzer’s Hct range is 20-70%, which means patients with either very low Hct levels (e.g. after blood loss) or very high levels (e.g. professional athletes and neonates) can be accurately assessed. This makes Lactate Scout+ ideal for a range of medical applications. These include cardio training, weight reduction and fitness applications which are already well established, as well as new applications in obstetrics.

As a world-leader in lactate, EKF has been closely involved in research projects investigating applications of lactate in obstetric medicine. For example, cord blood lactate (CBL) analysis can give a picture of acid-base balance at birth and is particularly recommended after high risk deliveries. Fetal scalp lactate (FSL) can be used to confirm abnormal cardiotocography values and the need for immediate intervention in complicated births where there may be risk of insufficient fetal oxygen supply.

EKF CEO, Julian Baines commented, “The launch of the new version of Lactate Scout+ reaffirms EKF Diagnostics’ long term expertise in lactate measurement. We are a well-established manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter globally of lactate analyzers delivering dependable pre- and post-sale support. We also pride ourselves on developing easy-to-use devices that provide reliable, fast and accurate results.”


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