Leica Microsystems and TrueVision 3D Surgical expand relationship into the ophthalmology arena

TrueVision 3D Surgical, a world leader in neuro and ophthalmic 3D surgical visualization, and Leica Microsystems, a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments, announced an expansion of their existing partnership into the ophthalmology arena.

The two companies, whose alliance last year resulted in the first surgical microscope integrated with TrueVision’s 3D intelligent visualization technology for neurosurgery, now fuses 3D technology into Leica Microsystems’ entire line of ophthalmic microscopes. The expanded relationship, combining optical and digital microscopy into one platform, is designed to drive precise patient outcomes, enhance surgeon ergonomics and facilitate OR staff communication, along with medical education benefits.

“We are very pleased with this extended collaboration with Leica Microsystems and are encouraged by the notable benefits in the surgical ophthalmology industry,” said Forrest Fleming, CEO TrueVision 3D Surgical. The neurosurgery market has been very receptive to the integration of TrueVision’s 3D intelligent visualization into Leica Microsystems’ neurosurgical microscopes. Now ophthalmologists will also benefit from this technology.”

“The expansion of our partnership continues to reinforce Leica Microsystems’ commitment to patient care and surgical precision,” said Dr. Heinrich Dreyer, Vice President of Leica Microsystems, Medical Division. “The partnership leverages Leica Microsystems’ ‘open-architecture’ and world-class optical, ergonomic microscopes and TrueVision’s cutting edge visualization platform and suite of software applications. This integration creates a seamless, upgradeable platform that will help surgeons gain a more realistic perception of anatomical structures as a result of the depth perceived in 3D.”

TrueVision’s intelligent 3D visualization technology integrated with the Leica M822 ophthalmic microscope

Prof. Dr. med. Claus Eckardt, renowned surgeon and Director of Klinik für Augenheilkunde at Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst (Ophthalmological Center of Frankfurt Höchst Hospital), Frankfurt, Germany, used the fully integrated visualization platform – including a Leica M822 ophthalmic microscope with TrueVision 3D inside – to perform a “heads up” retina surgery at this year’s Frankfurt Retina Meeting, broadcast live to an audience of 1200 surgeons.

“I now routinely use ‘heads up’ 3D surgery in all retinal and cataract cases and believe many surgeons will perform ophthalmic surgery this way within 5 years,” commented Prof. Eckardt. “It is remarkable what Leica Microsystems and TrueVision have developed and how fast they continue to innovate. The implication for digital imaging, beyond the obvious ergonomic benefit, is to improve visual outcomes for many ophthalmic surgical procedures including cataract, cornea, glaucoma, and retina.”

WOC (http://www.woc2014.org/): Leica Microsystems and TrueVision 3D Surgical, booth E-04, Tokyo International Forum

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments. Founded as a family business in the nineteenth century, the company’s history was marked by unparalleled innovation on its way to becoming a global enterprise. Its historically close cooperation with the scientific community is the key to Leica Microsystems’ tradition of innovation, which draws on users’ ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements. At the global level, Leica Microsystems is organized in three divisions, all of which are among the leaders in their respective fields: the Life Science Division, Industry Division and Medical Division.

The company is represented in over 100 countries with six manufacturing facilities in five countries, sales and service organizations in 20 countries, and an international network of dealers. The company is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany. www.leica-microsystems.com

TrueVision® 3D Surgical is a world leader in digital 3D visualization and guidance for microsurgery. Santa Barbara, California-based TrueVision® has developed and patented an intelligent, real-time, 3D surgical visualization and computer-guided software platform. The system enables surgeons to view and record surgery in 3D and to stream live video of the surgical field, making it an unparalleled teaching tool. The company is focused on developing a suite of 3D guidance applications for microsurgery to improve surgical efficiencies and patient outcomes. The system is in use at hundreds of leading hospitals and institutions around the world. www.truevisionsys.com


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